Large Swiss Conference Centre and Hotel Upgrades to Ariadne Digital Signage Software

Large Swiss Conference Centre and Hotel Upgrades to Ariadne Digital Signage Software

At Add-On Products, we have posted numerous case studies about customers who have successfully implemented our solutions in various industries. One of those clients is Kursaal Bern, a leading event venue in Switzerland. Kursaal Bern is among Switzerland’s largest conference centres and concert halls, boasting an on-site casino, hotel, bars, and restaurants.As a part of an overhaul of its technical infrastructure in 2012, Kursaal Bern sought a cutting-edge digital signage solution that was user-friendly and capable of integrating seamlessly with the hotel’s booking system. The venue hired the audiovisual consultancy group Habegger, an Add-On Products Ariadne partner, to aid them in upgrading their digital signage system. Habegger is a major vendor of media systems for congress centers, hotels, and corporate offices in Switzerland. Habegger and Kursaal Bern evaluated multiple solutions but finally settled on the latest version of Ariadne, Add-On Products’ robust digital signage software.

Kursaal Bern needed powerful digital signage software that could be used to display meeting schedules, guide visitors with wayfinding, and advertise the venue’s events and services. They wanted to display a diversity of content, from streaming web content, to videos, to imagery. They also wanted digital signage software that would integrate with their meeting room signs so that up-to-date meeting schedules could be displayed.

In addition, Kursaal Bern wanted to have the ability to reuse their existing digital signage hardware. Ariadne is a cost-effective solution because it can be used with many different types of hardware, including Modulex screens, Windows tablets, Android tablets, and iPads.


Opting for the Best Digital Signage Solution

Andreas Gemperle, Technical consultant at Habegger, found that Ariadne best suited Kursaal Bern’s short-term and long-term requirements. Not only did Ariadne integrate easily with Kursaal Bern’s meeting room booking system and other IT systems, it was also very easy to use and scale.

Upon implementing Ariadne, Kursaal Bern increased their number of door signs from 25 to 27 and their number of wayfinding signs from 5 to 38. They used a combination of self-sourced Windows-based digital signs and Modulex screens. Habegger, Kursaal Bern, and Add-On Products had an excellent working relationship throughout the implementation process. Add-On Products provided 24/5 technical support in a quick and efficient manner.

Habegger was responsible for carrying out a number of other technical projects at the same time as the digital signage software upgrade, and Add-On Products’ regular communication and support helped Kursaal Bern keep things running smoothly. Kursaal Bern was so pleased with the outcome that they signed a maintenance contract with Add-On Products. As a part of this contract, Kursaal Bern receives ongoing 24/5 support via chat, phone, and email as well as access to upgrades of Ariadne.


Enhance Your Digital Signage Network with Ariadne

Ariadne is digital signage software that can be used to display videos, images, meeting room schedules, event schedules, welcome messages, wayfinding, and so much more. Ariadne integrates with Microsoft Outlook®, Lotus Notes, and Micros Opera, ensuring that up-to-date meeting schedules are displayed on digital signs in real-time.

With Ariadne, you can customize your digital signs with your company’s logo, font, and colors to strengthen your branding. Ariadne is easy to use, so personnel can update digital signage designs and layouts with little to no training. Ariadne is available as either a hosted solution or on-site solution. Contact Add-On Products today and further explore the benefits of Ariadne.

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