Key Corporate Digital Signage Trends in 2015

Key Corporate Digital Signage Trends in 2015

Digital signage is nothing new. It has been around for more than 20 years, but it has grown exponentially since then. Digital signage installations are growing by up to 40% per year, and that growth will continue for the foreseeable future.

Due to the decreasing total cost of ownership of digital signage, its deployment has become feasible within various markets. Corporations have embraced the use of digital signage because it offers many advantages over static signage, including higher engagement levels and greater flexibility. The following are some of the most significant digital signage trends in 2015.


Digital Signage Is Becoming More Accessible

In the past, organizations that wanted to use digital signage had to have some knowledge of content management and programming to operate digital signs. They also needed to purchase media players along with digital signage displays. Today’s digital signage solutions come equipped with a much more user-friendly interface as well as easy-to-use content creation tools. Furthermore, digital signage software like Ariadne from Add-On Products works with any kind of hardware, regardless of its operating system. This allows you to choose from a variety of devices, including Modulex screens, iPads, and Android tablets.


More Interactivity

Digital signs are no longer just being admired from afar. Technological advances are fueling the interactivity of digital signage displays. Features like touchscreen interactivity, facial recognition software, and Near Field Communication (NFC) enhance user engagement and allow corporations to deliver a more personalized digital signage experience.

People are already very comfortable with touchscreens since they’ve become accustomed to using smartphones and tablets. Touchscreen technology enables users to interact with digital signs, such as by browsing menus, navigating through catalogs, and requesting specific information. NFC allows for the instant transfer of data between digital signs and mobile devices, transforming audiences from passive viewers into active users.


Evaluating Engagement Levels with Digital Signage Analytics

Digital signage content isn’t doing its job unless it engages people, but in order to prove engagement, companies are increasingly using interactive technologies to deliver key analytics. For example, companies can measure engagement with digital signage by integrating social media or using interactive wayfinding. Audiences can be prompted to respond to digital signage content via social media or SMS, or be asked to complete surveys or polls.


Displays Are Getting Smaller

We’re moving away from video walls and panels. Rather than large screens and lots of pixels, more companies are using smaller digital signs because they allow for more personalized interaction and direct communication. The screens might be small, but they deliver big results.

Small digital signs can be placed at strategic points throughout a corporate facility for optimum engagement. That being said, the decreasing costs of digital signage technology are making the deployment of large-screen experiences more accessible.


Widespread Adoption of 4K UHD Screens

4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) screens have gained momentum in the last couple of years because they are growing more affordable. UHD screens are known for their high pixel density and excellent visual quality. UHD screens display details well and have crisp text when viewed up close, so they are well suited to touch applications.

What will the future bring for digital signage? Only time will tell, but the above trends are currently fueling the digital signage industry. Add-On Products is staying on top of trends and delivering digital signage solutions that make digital signage easier to use, more cost-effective, and more engaging than ever before. For more information about our digital signage software Ariadne and Digital Sign Service conference room signs, please contact us to set up a free trial or free online demo!

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