Is Your Receptionist Spending Too Much Time Helping Visitors?

Is Your Receptionist Spending Too Much Time Helping Visitors?

Receptionists are the face of your company – they are the first people who visitors encounter, so they’re largely responsible for the first impression people have of your organization. Receptionists should act in a professional, courteous manner when receiving visitors and directing them to the appropriate place in a building.

Registering visitors and guiding them to their destination, all the while taking phone calls and handling other day-to-day tasks can be overwhelming, to say the least. Organizations strive to maintain a free-flowing reception area, but this can be tough considering that there’s often only one receptionist in charge of managing all of the people who come in and out of the office. Things may start to get stressful for a receptionist if multiple visitors show up at once, several phone lines ring simultaneously, or people come to the reception area to ask questions that are difficult to answer.

How a Receptionist Tool for Outlook® Can Help

A receptionist tool for Outlook® streamlines visitor management by taking over many of the manual tasks that receptionists perform. A receptionist tool allows receptionists to quickly check visitors in and print name badges for them. Hosts are automatically notified of a visitor’s arrival via email. This eliminates the need for receptionists to spend time and resources calling hosts to report the arrival of visitors and gives receptionists more time to greet guests in a professional and focused manner.

Receptionists can quickly determine which visitors have been pre-registered by employees as well as which visitors are present, who they are visiting, and where they are located. The ability to get a complete overview of current visitors at any location enhances security. Name badges with barcodes help you keep track of visitors in the building. By accurately capturing detailed information in seconds, barcode scanning enables your organization to manage visitors securely and efficiently.

A receptionist tool for Outlook® gives receptionists a complete overview of employees’ schedules in a centralized location. By providing receptionists with up-to-date information regarding employees’ whereabouts and schedules, receptionists can quickly pass on the correct information to visitors. Having a quick overview of all employees’ calendars eliminates the need for receptionists to spend time searching for information. If a host is tied up in a call or meeting, the receptionist can offer visitors a glass of water to keep them comfortable while they wait.

Welcome Visitors and Create a Strong First Impression with Digital Signage

Digital signage is elegant and sophisticated, leaving visitors with a strong first impression of your company. You can program digital signs to display personalized greetings for visitors that include their name and company logo. You can also use digital signs to display meeting room schedules and provide visitors with wayfinding information that guides them to the correct meeting room. Not only does this keep visitors informed and put them at ease, it also frees receptionists up from giving visitors directions, which gives them more time to focus on important clerical tasks that could benefit your company.

Digital signs reduce pressure on receptionists and provide far more information than static displays possibly could. Digital signs are eye-catching and impossible to miss. They can be customized to match your corporate branding and draw attention to any message you want to display. Their content can be updated in real-time to reflect your changing needs.

Manage Visitors Professionally While Freeing Up Receptionists

Streamline the visitor management process in your reception area and use your resources more wisely with the help of Add-On Products’ receptionist tools for Outlook®. Resource Central is a meeting room booking tool with a visitor management module that enables receptionists to register visitors and print out name badges with ease. Exchange Central is Outlook® team calendaring software that provides receptionists with a complete, user-friendly overview of multiple Outlook® calendars. Our digital signage solutions integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook®, welcoming and guiding visitors while enhancing your corporate branding. For more information about our tools for receptionists, sign up for a free online demo.

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