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Infographic: How Does Meeting Room Booking Software Save Your Company Time and Money?

Infographic: How Does Meeting Room Booking Software Save Your Company Time and Money?

Without meeting room booking software, scheduling meetings can be a complex and time-consuming task for many companies. Meeting room booking software reduces administrative time, enhances productivity, maximizes meeting resources and facilities, and achieves a significant Return on Investment (ROI).


Streamline your Work Process and Reduce Real-Estate Costs

In the case of replacing manual meeting booking processes or disparate IT systems with one complete solution, time is money. Meeting room booking software significantly reduces time spent on meeting planning by allowing companies to manage the entire booking process in one system. Meeting organizers can for instance book a meeting room and order additional services such as catering in one step. Also, both internal and external service providers have access to a complete order workflow.

Meeting room booking software allows companies to:

• Save time
• Maximize usage of office space
• Eliminate waste

By reducing time spent on planning meetings administrative staff can focus on other tasks thereby improving productivity. At the same time, meeting room booking software is an efficient tool for managing meeting rooms and hot desks which ensures optimal usage of office space and resources. Companies can for instance reduce wasted catering and avoid empty meeting rooms using electricity.


How Much Time Can Your Company Save?

View our infographic for an easy overview of how much time and money organizations can save with meeting room booking software. 


Turn Meeting Scheduling Into a Two Minute Job

Resource Central is complete meeting room booking software for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook®. It enables you to schedule meetings in less than two minutes, including ordering additional services such as catering. Other features are hoteling / hot desking, meeting room management and integration to ERP, order workflow for service providers, and digital signage. For more information about Resource Central, please contact us to get an online demo or a free trial.



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