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Increase Employee Happiness and Motivation with Modern Workplace Design in 2017

Increase Employee Happiness and Motivation with Modern Workplace Design in 2017

Like many other things in life, the workplace has evolved significantly over the years. We’ve come a long way since the grey cubicles of yore. While technology has played a role in streamlining processes and improving the way people work, there has also been a shift in what employees would consider the ideal workplace. 

Generations Y and Z, which will soon make up the majority of our population, have shaped the modern workplace. Unlike the Baby Boomer Generation, which kept their work and personal lives separate, Generations Y and Z view work and life through a single lens. They have a more casual and collaborative work style and prioritize health and wellness. Therefore, modern workspaces tend to reflect those values. 

The right office design can actually improve employee happiness, motivation, and productivity. Many offices today have an open plan, doing away with cubicles and assigned desks in favor of work neighborhoods consisting of couches and hot desks. Some even feature standing desks and treadmill desks. Open offices are beneficial because they facilitate the exchange of ideas between employees, encourage spontaneous interaction, and prioritize employee engagement and collaboration. Nevertheless, an open office plan can be a cause of distraction if open spaces aren’t combined with other types of workspaces that offer greater privacy.  


Creating a Productive, Agile Workspace 

An agile workspace is one that is flexible and productive. Agile workspaces consist of different types of work areas, giving employees the freedom and flexibility to work when and where they want. They provide a variety of destinations for workers to inhabit so that they can move around throughout the day. The ideal workspace allows workers to: 


• Stand up and stretch throughout the day

• Pace while talking on the phone

• Walk around rather than sit during meetings 


Employee satisfaction and performance are influenced by space design. Workplace design is important because it makes workers feel like they are valued and it helps them focus on their work. When people can go to the office and actually get a lot of work done, they feel better about going to work. 


The Truth About Ping Pong Tables and Other “Fun” Office Perks 

Although there’s been a recent trend to include fun games in the office, it tends to create ambiguity by making the office look like a theme park. It’s better to design spaces and provide furnishings that make their intended use very clear. For example, if your office has a social space, it should be obvious that the intended use of that room is for relaxation and socializing. Employees will be reluctant to use the space if they feel like it will make it look like they aren’t working. 


The layout of an office should be understandable and make it easy to find others. Having access to daylight, adequate storage, and technology in their individual workspaces is also desirable to employees. 

By providing employees with a workplace that positively affects their mood and motivation, employers can reap the long-term benefits of having healthier and more engaged employees, all the while improving organizational performance. The right interior office design can attract top talent and bring positive, measurable results to your business. 


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