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How to Incorporate Meeting Room Management Into Your Facility Management Strategy


An effective facility management strategy consists of more than just registering buildings and asset data. It also aims to increase efficiency in facility processes. An integral yet frequently overlooked aspect of facilities management is meeting room and resource management. Meeting rooms and conference rooms are essential in every office. Though the way meetings are carried out and their purposes may differ from one company to another, most organizations share similar frustrations about double bookings, the lack of meeting rooms, and poor management of meeting rooms and resources.  

Meeting room management is vital to the success of your facility because it can make or break the impression visitors and clients get. Effective meeting room and resource management processes also help to enhance productivity, collaboration, and efficiency among staff.


Visibility and Accessibility Are Key

Managing meeting rooms and resources is never easy. You may have multiple meeting rooms to look after, each associated with unique requests and services. To make the meeting room and resource management process as efficient as possible, it’s recommended that you use meeting room and resource booking software to maximize visibility and accessibility. 

Meeting scheduling software gives you a quick overview of available meeting rooms and resources, and then allows you to book the room or resource you need and order any additional services in just a few clicks. This eliminates manual, error-prone processes and makes last-minute changes easy. 

There’s more to meeting room and resource management than just booking rooms, however. You also have to think about the required technology for your meeting and any additional services needed, such as catering. Using an all-in-one solution that allows you to book meetings, invite attendees, reserve meeting rooms, order additional services, and book additional resources is ideal for keeping things running smoothly. 

The best meeting and resource management solutions to optimize your facility management strategy will allow you to make customizations to the software to match the way you work. For example, if your organization uses hot desking, you could configure the resource booking software to manage hot desks. The end result is being able to schedule the meetings, resources, and services you need both quickly and easily.


Achieve Your Efficiency Goals

Whether you need to book hundreds of meeting rooms and resources across multiple locations, or you need to manage a handful of desks and rooms at a single office, meeting room and resource booking software can help you enhance your organization’s efficiency. Attendees and service providers are automatically notified of cancellations and meeting rooms with no-shows are freed up, so you can improve resource utilization and prevent services that are no longer needed from being delivered. Add-ons like a web app allow for anytime, anywhere scheduling from any web-enabled device. 

If you don’t use your workspace efficiently, it can directly affect your bottom line. Efficiently managing workspace through effective meeting room and resource management allows organizations to optimize the use of existing real estate and cut overhead costs. With meeting room and resource booking software, you can generate reports to review resource utilization data and identify opportunities for improvement. For example, you may learn that you could downsize since many of your meeting rooms aren’t used to their full capacity, or that large conference rooms are underutilized and could be divided into smaller meeting spaces.


Achieve Better Meeting Room Management with Resource Central

Resource Central is meeting scheduling and resource booking software for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange. Because Resource Central integrates with Outlook® and is an extension of its familiar user interface, users adapt to the software quickly. For more information about how Resource Central can simplify and streamline the meeting room and resource booking process in your organization, contact us today and set up a free trial or free online demo


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