4 Tips for Improving External Communication with Add-On Products

Your customers and other external parties, including suppliers, investors, members of the board, and community and government agencies, are crucial to the success of your business. Fostering better external communications with customers and external stakeholders is important because it influences how others view your company.

The following are 4 tips for improving external communications at your company with Add-On Products’ various tools that integrate with Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange.  


1. Guide visitors with wayfinding

Wayfinding digital signs offer maps and clear directions, helping visitors get from point A to point B at your property. Digital wayfinding signs may show start and endpoints, draw a path, or provide directions, making life easier for customers. Wayfinding digital signage eliminates frustration among visitors and helps them quickly navigate through your building. This improves customer satisfaction and makes visitors feel welcome, leaving them with a positive impression of your company. 


2. Keep visitors informed with digital signage 

Digital signs dramatically change the corporate communications landscape. The millennial generation is accustomed to the always online and instantly accessible world of mobile communications and the web, so they want access to information anytime, anywhere. Digital signs are successful in communicating with today’s customers because they deliver high-impact content targeted to time, location, and context around the clock. 

Digital signs are highly versatile. They can display videos, graphics, text, and imagery. You can even use them to post meeting schedules to keep visitors and employees informed of the different meetings and events happening at your facility. Place digital signs outside your meeting rooms and in central areas of your building.

Digital signs are also effective in reinforcing your company’s brand and mission because they can be customized with your company’s logo and branding. Additionally, you can use them to advertise your latest promotions and marketing campaigns. 


3. Streamline the visitor management process 

A visitor management system provides a professional solution for checking visitors in and printing name badges. It reduces delays and improves security by streamlining the visitor check-in process and helping to identify unauthorized individuals. The system centralizes visitor data securely and improves process times, which prevents traffic from building up in your company’s entrance area. It also enhances your company’s image to visitors and customers by doing away with handwritten visitor logs, which provide no security and leave visitor information visible for all to see. Creating sleek, customized visitor badges for your guests enhances professionalism. 


4. Empower receptionists 

A calendar management software solution combined with meeting scheduling software provides receptionists with easy access to staff schedules. This allows them to know what everyone is doing and when they are available at all times. When people call to meet or speak with a staff member, receptionists can easily determine whether the staff member is available and schedule an appointment without having to call first to determine his or her availability. Group calendars give receptionists an instant overview of their colleagues’ schedules and whereabouts, simplifying external communication, and meeting coordination. With web-based team calendars, even staff members who are on the move can update their schedules in real-time and stay on top of meetings and tasks. 

Add-On Products’ tools greatly improve communication between companies and their external stakeholders. Contact us today to learn more about our add-ons for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange! 



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