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Improve Your Company’s Image with Add-On Products

Improve Your Company’s Image with Add-On Products

While it might sound cliché, you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. This old adage holds particularly true in the world of business. Seconds after walking through your office door, your customers will form an opinion about your company. They will decide whether your company can be trusted and if they should do business with you. From giving your visitors a warm welcome in the reception area to ensuring a pleasant visit by helping them find their way around your building, the following are some effective ways in which you can improve your company’s image with Add-On Products and our tools for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange. 



Use Digital Signage In Your Lobby

Your lobby tells visitors what your company stands for. It is your company’s voice, and it shapes the experience your visitors have. Everyone who visits your office goes through your lobby, including employees, prospective employees, contractors, partners, and customers. By using digital signage in your lobby, you can send people the right message immediately, so it’s visible as soon as they set foot in your building. 

To determine what kind of digital signage would work well in your lobby, try walking through the door yourself to see where your eyes are naturally drawn. Think about the types of messages that people may want to see when they enter the space. If you’re expecting visitors, customize the digital signage in your lobby with the guest company’s logo and name as well as the names of the people you’re expecting. Consider whether you should use a single, large display or several small screens. 

If you want to use interactive digital signs in your lobby, place them in key spots where they won’t clog up the flow of traffic. Ensure that you have enough interactive digital signs available, so people don’t have to wait in long lines to be able to use them. You can even replace or help your receptionist with an interactive sign where visitors can check in or navigate a wayfinding map. 


Enhance the Professionalism of Your Reception Area with a Visitor Management System

Say goodbye to paper logs and check your visitors in with an automated visitor management system. Visitor management software gives your reception area a professional image, enhances security, and streamlines the collection of visitor data. Add-On Product’s Resource Central can be used to register visitors, print visitor badges, and notify hosts of their visitors’ arrival. 


Installing Wayfinding & Digital Meeting Room Signs 

Wayfinding digital signs from Ariadne guide clients through your building with maps and directories. Wayfinding signs make a great impression on visitors because they help visitors navigate through your building, showing them their current location and guiding them to their destination. 

Digital conference room signage by Digital Sign Service helps you effectively manage your space while assisting employees in finding and booking meeting rooms on the spot. Using digital meeting room signs helps you eliminate confusion by displaying meeting room schedules outside of each meeting room door. The meeting schedules are fed by your meeting booking software, so there’s no additional work required and the schedule is updated in real time. 

Want to see how Add-On Products’ solutions would work in your environment? Contact us for more information or request a free demo today! 


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Saturday, 06 June 2020