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How Key Personnel Can Improve Resource Utilization with a Central Meeting Management Tool

How Key Personnel Can Improve Resource Utilization with a Central Meeting Management Tool

Resource utilization rates and profitability are two sides of the same coin. Optimizing resource utilization rates will enhance your company’s profitability and is key to running a successful operation. 

To maximize resource usage and improve employee productivity, it’s helpful to use software to manage meetings and book resources. Employees need access to a tool that allows them to quickly and easily find meeting rooms, book meetings, order extra services, and make any necessary adjustments. 


Drag and Drop Meetings and Resources with Resource Central’s Booking Manager

At Add-On Products, we have introduced a new tool called the Booking Manager in the 2016 version of our meeting and resource booking software, Resource Central. The Booking Manager allows key personnel to manage changes to bookings, orders, and resources in Resource Central. Using the drag-and-drop interface, they can easily move appointments and orders to different meeting rooms or time slots in a sleekly designed grid. 


Assign Key Personnel to Manage Meeting Schedules and Resources 

We built the Booking Manager after getting feedback from customers that they would like to have access to this type of functionality. The Booking Manager is successful because it allows your organization to assign permission to manage meetings to a central user. This individual, who might be your receptionist or another employee, can be in charge of moving meetings to other meeting rooms, shifting orders to different rooms, and more. This helps you optimize your resources, streamlines the process of managing bookings, and frees up your staff to focus on other tasks. 

Let’s say for example that an employee sets up a meeting for four attendees but accidentally schedules the meeting in a room that has the capacity to accommodate 20 people. The key team member who is in charge of the Booking Manager can easily drag that meeting into a different, smaller room available at the same time to free up the larger meeting room for others to use. The meeting organizer and attendees will receive a notification of the meeting room change automatically so that they’re aware. 

The Booking Manager is particularly helpful for organizations that struggle with meeting room shortages and less-than-optimal resource utilization rates. If reports are showing that your resources aren’t being maximized, then it could be useful to implement a tool like the Booking Manager to ensure that meeting rooms and associated services are used appropriately and changes can be easily managed. 


Solve Your Meeting Booking Challenges with a Centralized Solution

Resource Central is add-on software for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange that is used for booking and managing meeting rooms and desks, extra services like catering, and visitors from a single, centralized system. Resource Central optimizes the utilization of conference rooms and workspaces while eliminating costly booking mistakes. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality gives personnel the ability to manage meeting rooms and desks efficiently and without any complications. Sign up for a free trial or free online demo now. 

Last updated 21 October 2019

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