How to Increase Productivity and Improve Office Collaboration

How to Increase Productivity and Improve Office Collaboration

Whether everyone in your company works at the same office or is spread across multiple locations, engaging and communicating with your team members in an efficient manner can dramatically improve your team’s productivity. By using and integrating software that fits the needs of your team, you can boost office collaboration and reduce wasted time and resources. Increased collaboration fosters innovation and fully realizes the value of human capital because it promotes knowledge and information sharing amongst employees. 


Enhance Collaboration with Video Conferencing 

When collaborating from a distance with employees in different locations, people want it to feel the same as if they were meeting in person. Video conferencing allows employees to talk to each other naturally, see each other, and share content. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the US mobile worker population will surpass 105 million by 2020. With the growth of the mobile workforce, giving employees the ability to easily collaborate through video conferencing is essential. 

Video conferencing is as close as it gets to “being there” without actually being there. Prior to the advent of video conferencing, remote employees typically felt like they were cut off from the rest of their teammates, but now, they can connect as if they were in the same room. Video conferencing also enhances productivity, reduces travel costs, and prevents meeting delays because employees don’t have to travel for meetings and can simply stay put to get things done. Even meetings in large cities with heavy traffic, like New York City, can be hard to achieve if travel between different sites is required. Video conferencing ensures that employees can join meetings on time without the stress and hassle of having to travel between different sites in the same city. 

Video conferencing helps increase work-life balance for employees because they spend less time on the road, and having a life outside of work fuels performance on the job. According to a study in the Strategic Management Journal, work-life balance raises employee satisfaction, generates labor efficiency, and boosts an organization’s financial performance.

Resource booking software can help you determine which meeting rooms in your facility are available and equipped for video conferencing. You can get a quick overview of conference rooms at your office and even view images to determine which room would be best suited for your meeting. You can then invite your attendees directly within the resource booking system, order any extra services you need, and attach the meeting agenda or any other documents you’d like to share with the attendees to your meeting invite. 


Get Employees on the Same Page with a Group Calendar 

Working with employees located in different locations and time zones has never been easier, thanks to group calendar software. Deciding on common times to schedule meeting and events no longer requires the hassle of sending emails back and forth, as you can view people’s up-to-date schedules directly within your group calendar. With web-based group calendar software, you can even view your team members’ schedules in real time when you’re at home or on the go. 

Shared calendar software allows everyone on your team to maintain their own personal calendar, while groups could have their own group calendars. You can easily check everyone’s schedules and then suggest a time that is suitable for all. There’s no need to follow a confusing string of emails to determine when the best time is to schedule a meeting. 


Providing Employees with Temporary Workstations at the Office 

Whether your employees telecommute full-time, part-time, or not at all, they all probably spend at least some time outside of the office. Driven by the need to optimize existing office space, many companies have adopted the practice of hot desking, which involves having multiple workers use shared workstations during different periods of time. 

Resource booking software can help you manage hot desks seamlessly. Hot desking gives remote, freelance, and temporary workers access to designated workspace any time they visit your company office. Furthermore, hot desking arrangements promote collaboration between different departments in your company by encouraging employees to work alongside different people on a regular basis.  

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