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Improve Internal Workflow with Microsoft Outlook Add-Ons

Improve Internal Workflow with Microsoft Outlook Add-Ons

If there’s something you can’t do in Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange, there’s probably an add-on or software with Outlook® integration that can. Microsoft Outlook®add-ons and software with Outlook® integration extend Outlook’s usefulness, sometimes without requiring you to leave the program. This results in streamlined workflow and improved productivity. Users can continue working within the familiar Outlook® environment, so little training is required to get them up to speed. Working within one IT system also ensures that tasks are performed quickly and efficiently. The following Microsoft Outlook® add-ons and software with Outlook® integration expand Outlook’s functionality and enhance its existing features.

1. Streamline meeting room booking and ordering of extra services

A Microsoft Outlook® add-on for meeting room booking allows you to search for available meeting rooms, find the most suitable rooms, book meetings, and order extra services in under 2 minutes. You can quickly and easily locate the most appropriate meeting rooms for your needs as well as check details about each room, such as their floor plans, images, and maximum capacity. Once you’ve invited attendees and booked a meeting room, you can order all extra services such as catering and order receipts are automatically sent to service providers. The system handles all changes and cancellations, so you don’t have to notify a service provider after cancelling a meeting, for example. A meeting room booking tool for Outlook® also generates reports regarding meeting room usage and resource utilization.

2. Save receptionists time with a visitor management system

Do you need a Microsoft Outlook® add-on giving your reception quick access to a group calendar?

Your reception area will make or break the first impression visitors get of your company. Make sure that visitors form a positive opinion of your organization by streamlining the visitor registration process. A Microsoft Outlook add-on with a visitor management module allows receptionists to quickly register visitors, print visitor badges, and access meeting information. Receptionists can simply click on a meeting invitation to get a meeting organizer’s contact information and determine which meeting room visitors need to go to.

3. Plan team projects more efficiently with a group calendar

An Outlook® add-on with group calendar functionality improves collaboration and communication between team members and different departments by providing you with a quick overview of multiple team members’ calendars. Not only does getting an overview of your colleagues’ calendars make it easier to complete daily tasks, it also simplifies the project planning process. For example, a project manager can use a team calendar’s drag-and-drop function to assign tasks and schedule team meetings without sending meeting requests. A group calendar may also generate reports revealing how employees spend their time, so you can improve your company’s efficiency. Web-based group calendars for Outlook® are also available, allowing you to get an overview of your team members’ calendars and plan meetings and projects when you’re away from the office.

4. Improve communication with digital signs

Digital signage software connecting your digital signs to Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange ensures that current meeting schedules are displayed. Up-to-date digital signs improve both internal and external communication by keeping your staff informed of current and future events happening in specific meeting rooms. When a meeting is booked or changed in Outlook®, the information is automatically displayed on the digital sign outside of the appropriate meeting room or in the reception area. Users can also cancel, extend, or book meetings directly on the touch screens of meeting room signs.

5. Enhance your brand image with company-wide email signatures

Email signatures are an untapped marketing and branding opportunity that many organizations fail to take advantage of. Just think about how many emails you send each day. A custom email signature boosts your brand image and markets your products and services with every email you send. A Microsoft Outlook® add-on for email signatures provides you with customizable templates for font, logo, and content. You can centrally manage your email signatures for both Outlook® and Outlook® Web Access.

Add-On Products’ add-ons for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange improve communication and streamline meeting room booking and project planning within your organization. Our products include, but are not limited to, digital signage software, a meeting room booking tool, and a team calendar. More than 400,000 clients all over the world rely on our solutions to serve their employees and customers. View our case studies online or contact us for more information about how our Microsoft Outlook® add-ons can benefit your company.

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