Improving Communication with Meeting Scheduling and Digital Signage Software

Improving Communication with Meeting Scheduling and Digital Signage Software

The modern-day workplace is fast-paced and attention spans are becoming increasingly shorter. This makes it more difficult for companies to get the attention of not only their customers, but also of their employees. Communication problems can have disastrous consequences, including poor customer service, lost sales, and a decline in productivity. Improving internal communications with employees and external communications with customers is key to enhancing productivity levels and boosting your company’s bottom line in the long run.

When employees are working under the pressure of deadlines and production, they might not prioritize communication. Furthermore, in corporate settings where a large number of employees are spread out across multiple locations, communication and collaboration can get tricky. It’s also not uncommon to run into situations where conference rooms and workspaces are double-booked. Meeting booking errors and a lack of effective collaboration threaten the cohesion and productivity of your workforce as well as waste time and resources.


Prevent Communication Breakdowns with Real-Time Collaboration Tools 

In order to improve communication even when times are busy, it’s important to implement a single communication and collaboration platform, such as a shared work calendar with scheduling capabilities. This type of scheduling software seamlessly integrates into an organization’s work processes and can be accessed from any device, allowing employees to collaborate anytime, anywhere. When you know exactly where your team members are and what they’re doing at any given time, it allows you to make more informed decisions, whether you’re working remotely or from the office. The idea is to use technology to effectively communicate with one another outside of your email inbox, which tends to be less efficient and accurate.

Meeting scheduling software is a particularly powerful tool because it can be integrated with digital signs at key locations throughout your office, updating the schedules displayed on digital signs in real time. This allows employees to stay abreast of meeting and event schedules and reduces the miscommunication and confusion that could otherwise ensue. With interactive touchscreens, employees can even book, extend, and cancel meetings right on meeting room signs. 

Digital signs can also be used to help employees keep track of critical data and internal analytics. For example, employees can keep track of production levels and sales targets, while managers can keep their finger on the pulse of their organization’s financial results, stock prices, and more. You can also use digital signs to keep employees motivated and increase their loyalty, patting them on the back when they achieve important goals and have success. In addition, you can use digital signs to remind employees of your company goals on a regular basis to create a stronger corporate culture and increase productivity. 


Keep Customers Informed and Engaged with Digital Signage

Digital signage software and touchscreens aren’t only beneficial to internal communications – they also help corporations improve their customer service and leave a lasting impression on customers. Digital signs are slick, dynamic, and far more engaging than static banners and signs. They can be used to promote your latest marketing campaigns, display meeting and event schedules, and guide visitors around your facility. Messages can be targeted to the needs of specific audiences, even down to the demographic of customers that are in your facility at a particular time of day.

Digital signage makes customers more receptive to marketing messages and ensures that important information gets across to them. Your customers are busy, so they respond well to the targeted, colorful, and visually appealing content displayed on digital signs.

Add-On Products offers a suite of solutions designed to streamline internal and external communication at your company. Our meeting and resource scheduling software, Resource Central, is a versatile meeting booking solution for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange that simplifies meeting booking and prevents scheduling mistakes. We offer two group calendar tools for Outlook® known as Exchange Central and WebTeam Central, both of which integrate with Resource Central and Ariadne, our flagship digital signage software. These calendaring solutions improve corporate communications by giving employees access to up-to-date team schedules and collaboration tools. Ariadne can be used to display messages in an attention-getting manner to customers and employees alike. For more information about Add-On Products’ acclaimed productivity tools, please sign up for a free trial or free online demo.


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