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Add-On Products’ Microsoft Outlook® Add-Ins and How They Benefit Customers

Add-On Products’ Microsoft Outlook<sup><sup>®</sup></sup> Add-Ins and How They Benefit Customers

Add-On Products develops award-winning Microsoft Outlook® add-ins that over 500,000 clients around the world use. Our software ranges from digital signage software to email signature software. We offer a complete set of tools that extend the features of Outlook®, helping organizations save time, enhance productivity, and more.

Resource Central: Resource Central is a meeting planning tool for Outlook® that allows users to get an overview of available meeting rooms and resources as well as order extra services. With Resource Central, staff can schedule meetings and invite attendees quickly, so they are freed up to spend time on other tasks. Cancellations are also handled automatically and double bookings are prevented. Users can order catering and other services when they book a meeting. With the Resource Central web app, you can schedule meetings anytime, anywhere with a smartphone or tablet, so you no longer have to wait till you get back to your desk to plan and book a meeting. Reports on resource utilization can also be generated to provide management with business intelligence that helps them make strategic decisions.

Digital Sign Service: Digital Sign Service is digital signage software designed specifically for meeting room digital signs. Digital Sign Service integrates with digital signs displayed outside of meeting rooms and is used to show meeting schedules. People can immediately determine if a meeting room is in use by looking at the sign. They can also use the digital sign’s touchscreen to book, cancel, extend or end a meeting. The signs can be branded with your company’s logo and colors, and their schedules remain in sync with Resource Central. Digital Sign Service is hardware independent, so you’re not tied down to a specific brand of digital signage hardware.

Ariadne: Ariadne is a more advanced digital signage solution that displays a wider variety of content, including RSS feeds, videos, images, and wayfinding. Ariadne is a powerful tool for reaching customers, employees, and prospects because it is dynamic and engaging. Its content can be customized to suit specific audiences and can even be programmed to display different types of content throughout the day.

Exchange Central: Exchange Central is a group calendar that gives users an overview of their team members’ schedules at a glance. Exchange Central makes it easy for teams to keep track of each other’s schedules and improves collaboration. It’s particularly useful when you need to book meetings with your colleagues and plan project timelines.

WebTeam Central: Like Exchange Central, WebTeam Central provides a quick overview of multiple people’s calendars. The difference is that WebTeam Central is web-based, so you can continue to plan meetings and coordinate schedules with your team even when you’re away from the office. The flexibility of WebTeam Central is a huge asset in today’s increasingly mobile work environment, in which many employees work remotely or are frequently on the road.

Mailbox Central: Mailbox Central enables companies to centrally manage their corporate email signatures, so they can improve their branding and enhance their professional image every time they send an email. Mailbox Central comes with templates that can be customized with your company’s logo, font, colors, etc. The email signatures can be used in Outlook® and Outlook Web Access (OWA).


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