HR Technology Trends to Watch for in 2017

HR Technology Trends to Watch for in 2017
Add-On Products offers a suite of tools for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange that help organizations create a flexible and mobile work environment

Working with HR technology has never been more exciting. There are transformational changes taking place in the HR landscape that are giving HR leaders the tools necessary to better manage the people side of their organizations. 

The new world of work has required innovation from HR leaders, but it has also created the opportunity for HR departments to generate a much greater impact. The following are some exciting HR technology trends to watch for in 2017.  


Mobile is the new HR technology platform 

In the eyes of the new generation of talent, desktops are a relic of the past. Smartphone use is surging, and employees expect to have the ability to access work applications via their mobile devices anytime, anywhere. 

The world is becoming more mobile, so companies are looking for ways to deliver HR functionality via mobile platforms. In order to reach today’s talent, it’s necessary for HR technology be mobile-friendly and easy-to-use. 


New software focuses on increasing employee engagement 

Disengaged employees cost companies billions of dollars in lost productivity each year. A variety of software focusing on assessing company culture, soliciting employee feedback, and monitoring employee engagement has cropped up, allowing organizations to better meet employees’ needs, resolve their issues, and obtain their suggestions. 


Agile, real-time approaches to performance and goal management

Companies are beginning to replace traditional, year-end performance reviews with agile, real-time approaches to performance and goal management. New performance management systems focus on the day-to-day needs of teams and team leaders rather than annual or semi-annual reporting. Organizations now have the power to quickly recognize, reward, and nurture productive employees and weed out those who are not a good fit. 

Rather than focusing on performance appraisals that look backward and playing catch-up, organizations are exploring Agile practices that focus on weekly or even daily business priorities. This helps companies recruit and retain millennials and Generation Z workers, who prefer to communicate with their managers continuously and receive ongoing feedback. 


Companies are offering an integrated learning experience for employees

In response to the growing need for training, companies are relying more heavily on web-based training content. The challenge has been to bring the training from various sources and platforms together to create an integrated learning experience for employees. There are small software vendors stepping in to address these needs.  


People analytics are becoming increasingly important

People analytics are likely to become a more important feature in HR technology platforms over the next several years. People analytics bring together data about employees to help solve specific problems. For example, people analytics could help companies recommend the right training to employees, identify “toxic” employees, or determine which promotions or transfers are the most likely to produce high-performing employees. 


Keys to Making Your HR Technology Implementation a Success

When understood and utilized correctly, HR technology can be an unparalleled tool for achieving stronger cohesion and communication. HR technology is taking a more consumer-focused direction centered on employee productivity and engagement. Some important capabilities that HR technology now provides include targeted training on the job, time management tips to enhance productivity, and suggestions for improving work-life balance. 

The digital divide separating generations is starting to creep its way into the workplace, however. While implementing new HR technology is a great idea, it will be a challenge for organizations to adopt new technologies quickly enough to satisfy the needs of millennials and Generation Z without making older employees feel like they’re being left behind. 

As HR leaders look to upgrade or replace existing HR systems, they ought to seek software based not only on features but also on its ease of use. Add-On Products offers a suite of tools for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange that help organizations create a flexible and mobile work environment. Our tools can help your company attract and retain Generation Z and millennial workers while maintaining familiarity with the older generation. Our offerings include resource booking software, team calendar software, and more. Contact us today to schedule a free trial or free online demo! 


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