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How to Transition from Meeting Booking in Lotus Notes to Meeting Booking in Outlook<sup>®</sup>

How to Transition from Meeting Booking in Lotus Notes to Meeting Booking in Outlook®

Both IBM Notes and Microsoft Outlook® are well-known email applications in the business world. Neither platform is merely an email system, however. Both IBM Notes and Outlook® are used for a number of different purposes, including calendaring and meeting room booking. IBM Notes, formerly known as Lotus Notes, was a mainstay among enterprises back in the 90s. However, Microsoft Outlook®’s larger user base, flexible features, cost savings, and ease of use have led a growing number of organizations to switch from the Notes platform to Outlook®. According to a survey conducted by SalesForce in December 2012, 70.3% of Notes users were considering replacing Notes, the majority within a year.

Notes is widely considered to be outdated and cumbersome. What’s more, Notes users often complain of incompatibility issues with Outlook®, which make it a struggle to read emails sent from Outlook® or plan meetings with attendees who use Outlook®. Notes also requires more technical expertise to operate than Outlook®, which is lauded for its pleasant and user-friendly interface.

Streamline Meeting Booking in Outlook®

After completing the migration from Notes to Outlook®, former Notes users often wonder how they could book meetings and resources in Outlook® as quickly and easily as they did in Notes. With add-on applications, Notes enables users to complete the following tasks in addition to scheduling meetings:

• Order catering and other services
• Generate reports about resource utilization, orders, etc.
• Register guests and create visitor badges
• Integrate meeting room booking software with digital signage


Streamline your meeting planning with Outlook

If you’ve just made the switch to Outlook® and are frustrated because you no longer have access to the above features, consider implementing Resource Central, a complete meeting room and hot desk management solution for Outlook®. With Resource Central, you can enjoy the same meeting room booking features you loved in Notes within the easy-to-use Outlook® environment.

Resource Central streamlines meeting booking in Outlook®, allowing you to schedule meetings and order all extra services in just 2 minutes. It is the first software of its kind to completely integrate with Outlook® and operate from the same system in real-time. Resource Central extends the features of Outlook®, so you can complete the following tasks:

• Quickly and easily locate the most appropriate meeting rooms for your needs.
• Get an overview of all meeting rooms showing availability and view important details about each room, such as floor plans and maximum capacity.
• Retrieve an overview of potential meeting rooms in multiple locations, even around the world.
• View availability of internal meeting attendees.
• Search for and book available hot desks.
• Order all extra services (catering, audiovisual equipment, transportation, etc.)using customizable order forms.
• Automatically send order receipts to service providers.
• Generate reports on resource, meeting room, and workspace utilization.
• Register guests, print visitor badges, and perform barcode scans.
• Automatically send email notifications when visitors arrive.
• Integrate with a digital signage solution.

Planning and scheduling meetings shouldn’t be time-consuming. Resource Central manages the entire meeting room booking process from start to finish and gives you the ability to arrange meetings instantly within Microsoft Outlook®. This frees up your administrative staff to spend time on other tasks, improving your efficiency and lowering costs. Request a free trial of Resource Central from Microsoft Certified Partner Add-On Products and discover why more than 400,000 clients around the world rely on our solutions.

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