How to Enhance Internal and External Communication with Digital Signs

How to Enhance Internal and External Communication with Digital Signs

These days, we’re all constantly bombarded by content via social media, televisions, emails, billboards, posters, and other mediums. In such a noisy environment, it has become increasingly difficult to capture people’s attention and engage them. Digital screens carrying live content are an up-and-coming communications and marketing tool, known for being a highly effective way to engage employees and customers. The content of digital signs is often targeted to the audience viewing it and changes throughout the day, so it remains relatively unpredictable and viewers never feel bored. What’s more, depending on the location of a digital sign, you may have some time to spare and thus have decreased resistance to viewing the content and be more likely to take a moment to interact with it.

Digital signage has quickly become a fixture in a variety of industries, from health care to hospitality. It is the perfect communication mechanism because it can be updated instantly and the content is dynamic and controllable. People remember digital signage more than other communication mediums because it is attention-getting and produces an emotional reaction. Digital signs cut through the clutter and deliver important messages with pizazz.

Digital signs can be used to display web content, corporate branding, meeting schedules, videos, TV, wayfinding information, internal announcements, and greetings, to name some examples. Digital signage enables companies to communicate directly with their employees and customers, making them feel welcome while keeping them up-to-date with relevant information and the latest news.


Power Your Corporate Communications Strategy

There is a firm correlation between employee engagement and high levels of company productivity and performance. Digital signs are capable of boosting employee engagement, morale, productivity, and participation by capturing and retaining their attention with visually appealing and informative displays. You can display digital signs in areas that employees frequent, such as the following:

  • Hallways
  • Lobbies
  • Cafeterias
  • Break rooms

Digital signs make employees feel included, informed, and in-the-know. Companies often use digital signs to strengthen their branding and inspire employees to spread their brand. They also use digital signs to display emergency preparedness tips, security alerts, company news, industry updates, and employee schedules. In addition, digital signs can be used to introduce new products and processes, as well as provide product and service education and training.

Digital signage software is extremely flexible because it allows you to tailor content to specific audiences and display unique content at different times and locations. By displaying content in real-time, companies can ensure that their digital signs remain fresh and employees don’t get bored.

Digital signage enhances internal communications by fostering a deeper relationship between employees and the companies they work for. Companies can motivate their employees to improve productivity levels by displaying performance targets, sales performance metrics, and productivity achievements and goals, such as the following:

  • Percentage of phone calls answered within 30 seconds in a support center
  • Average customer wait time on phone
  • Sales data in a sales department
  • The time it takes to fulfill an order
  • The number of customer complaints received
  • Etc.

Companies can also use their digital signs to display weather reports, breaking news, traffic information, and other data of interest, which could minimize the amount of time employees spend checking their smartphones by making them feel more connected to the outside world.


Keep Visitors and Staff Informed About Ongoing and Upcoming Meetings

Digital signs can also be used to schedule meetings and keep visitors and employees in sync. Digital meeting room signs are controlled via a single meeting room scheduling software program. Therefore, employees can book meeting rooms directly on a meeting room’s digital sign, from their desks, or even while they are working remotely via a web booking application. Meeting room scheduling softwarethat is integrated with a network of digital meeting room signs reduces the amount of admin time needed to manage meeting scheduling.

Digital meeting room signs display meeting schedules and enable both visitors and employees to determine what their space options are in real-time. In addition to displaying the name of the meeting room and letting you know whether there is a meeting in progress, a meeting room sign informs you of whom the meeting room organizer is. You can use the touchscreen to extend, cancel, shorten, or book a meeting directly on the meeting room sign. This does away with room scheduling confusion and prevents people from interrupting meetings by popping in to check if a meeting room is available.

Digital meeting room signs that integrate with meeting room scheduling software help your organization effectively utilize meeting rooms and eliminate wasted space. They increase meeting schedule awareness, as meeting bookings, changes, and cancellations are immediately displayed on the network of digital meeting room signs. According to commercial real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield, 2014 office space rental and occupancy costs were over €2,000 per square meter in London and over €993 per square meter in New York City. By using meeting scheduling software combined with digital meeting room signs, you can increase the utilization of your existing office space and lower costs.

Overall, using digital signage is a fantastic way to strengthen your company’s branding and communications while creating visual consistency throughout your workplace. Digital signs inform both employees and visitors with dynamic content and provide them with the latest news. The benefits include improved customer service, enhanced professionalism, and increased reception efficiency and overall productivity. Digital signs also enable companies to cost-effectively promote their wares. They can advertise upcoming events or their latest offerings and specials. As an added benefit, digital signage is eco-friendly because it eliminates the need to repeatedly print and ship static displays.


Maximize the Impact of Internal and External Messaging with Digital Signs

With Add-On Products’ digital signage software, your company can deliver internal and external messages efficiently and maximize their impact. Add-On Products offers two types of digital signage software. Ariadne is dynamic digital signage software that can be used to display videos, pictures, RSS feeds, wayfinding information, and other engaging content. If you’re looking for meeting room digital sign software that displays meeting room schedules and allows you to book space right on the room sign, Add-On Products’ Digital Sign Serviceis an optimal solution. Sign up for a free trial or free online demo of Digital Sign Service or Ariadne today!

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