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How to Be a #SmartOfficeWorker: Essential Skills in Today’s Workplace


Good office workers are hard to find, according to one-third of hiring managers. Contrary to what the media might lead you to believe, the talent shortage doesn’t just happen in technical disciplines. There is a talent shortage across all fields because workplaces are changing rapidly. Oftentimes, organizations focus on recruiting employees with hard skills. The problem is that those people may not be capable of communicating complex thoughts or work well with others. To be a #smartofficeworker, you need to have a good mix of hard and soft skills.

Some skills are desirable in more than one industry. These hybrid skills allow workers to be useful in a number of different areas of a business. The following are some of the most important and coveted skills for workers to have in today’s business landscape.



Communicating effectively is crucial to sharing your ideas and collaborating with others. You have to be able to express yourself with conviction and enthusiasm to get your message across and earn trust.


Problem-Solving Skills  

It’s hard to find a role in business that doesn’t involve some degree of problem solving. Problem solving is one of the most valued attributes sought by employers. When determining how to solve a problem, you need to do the following:


  • Identify the issue and the factors contributing to the problem
  • Brainstorm solutions and evaluate them to find the best solution
  • Plan and implement the solution
  • Assess the effectiveness of your intervention


Problem solving skills are needed in every area of business. We are constantly solving problems in the workplace. The better we are at solving problems, the easier our work lives become.


Data Analysis 

Data analysis is an in-demand skill, and not just in IT. The need for data analysis spans all job functions and industries. To be able to get ahead, it’s important to know how to read, understand, and interpret data.

Meeting Management

Meetings are an essential part of work, so having the ability to plan and run an effective meeting is invaluable. One of the most important tasks in meeting management is to begin a meeting with a clear and outlined purpose. It’s also necessary to begin the meeting on time, encourage open discussion, and keep the discussion on track. Taking notes during the meeting and following up with meeting minutes is advisable.


Organizational Skills  

Organizational skills are some of the most important job skills you can acquire because they help you plan, prioritize, and accomplish work. Having organizational skills enables you to work on many different projects without getting disoriented. This helps to increase the efficiency and productivity of your organization.



Being tech-savvy is no longer something unique. It’s become essential in today’s workplace. You need to have some degree of tech-savviness in most job roles. To be a #smartofficeworker, you should be able to use Microsoft Office to maximize productivity. Another important skill is being able to organize and schedule meetings both quickly and efficiently. Resource Central, Add-On Products’ meeting and resource booking software for Microsoft Outlook, allows users to get an overview of available meeting rooms and resources, book meetings, and order extra services for meetings, such as catering and audiovisual equipment.

For more information about our resource booking software Resource Central and how it can help you boost productivity and become a #smartofficeworker, sign up for a free trial or free online demo today!


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