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How Team Calendar Software Can Improve Call Center Management

How Team Calendar Software Can Improve Call Center Management

Effectively managing your time is one of the most important aspects of running a call center. Every minute that is wasted in a call center can hurt your company’s bottom line, which is why it’s important to manage incoming calls as quickly and efficiently as possible. Team calendar software is a powerful planning tool that can help call center representatives arrange appointments and meetings with greater ease and precision.

In order for a call center to function properly, there needs to be a high degree of organization. Otherwise, chaos could ensue. A team calendar helps call center agents stay organized and in the know by giving them access to employees’ schedules in real-time. A team calendar provides a user-friendly overview of multiple employee calendars at once, so call center agents can determine employee availability at a glance when booking client meetings. Call center agents can group calendars based on location, department, skill set, etc. This enables them to quickly locate the appropriate employee and book client meetings for them based on the skills they possess. To put it simply, using team calendar software in a call center optimizes staff members’ time, so they can work more productively and take advantage of their skill sets.


Using team calendar software in a call center optimizes staff members’ time

By categorizing employees based on their skills, call center agents can ensure that they direct inquiries and meeting requests to employees with the most appropriate skill sets. Employees who are the best prepared to address particular issues will handle those customer inquiries, ensuring faster resolution and greater customer satisfaction. What’s more, call center agents can assign the most highly skilled employees to important clients, targeting resources where they provide the highest returns.


Say Goodbye to Antiquated Paper-Based Tools

Using group calendar software to set up meetings in a call center is far more effective than relying on a paper calendar. Any changes made to group calendar software appear instantly, so all team members remain up-to-date. Furthermore, group calendar software can be accessed anytime, anywhere, improving communication and collaboration between team members.

Team calendar software prevents double-bookings and other scheduling mistakes that could hurt customers’ perception of the organization. Call center agents can also set up customer meetings for employees with the click of a mouse. They can directly book meetings and drag and drop appointments with ease, without the need to make a phone call or send a meeting request.


Equip Call Center Agents with the Tools They Need to Provide Exceptional Service

Call center agents are critical to your business. They are often the first contact that clients and prospects have with your company, so it’s essential for them to be equipped with the tools and information they need to provide exceptional customer service. In a customer’s eyes, the service that call center agents provide gives insight into how the rest of the company works and what level of service could be expected going forward. Call center agents need access to a consistent and unified knowledgebase that enables them to better serve customers. Team calendar software is an important tool for call center agents. It allows them to quickly determine employee availability, set up meetings with ease, and match customer inquiries with the most appropriate staff members.

Too many call centers continue to rely on paper-based tools to complete a wide range of tasks, when technology could dramatically increase their efficiency. Team calendar software allows call centers to ditch unnecessary paperwork while enabling agents to quickly manage incoming calls and set up customer meetings with the right employees. By allowing call center agents to see multiple employees’ schedules in a single calendar view, group calendar software saves call center agents time.


Improve Call Center Customer Service with Add-On Products’ Team Calendar Software

Exchange Central is Add-On Products’ team calendar software for Microsoft Outlook®. Exchange Central allows call center agents to create and save Outlook® calendars and schedule customer meetings for employees based on their skills, without having to send out meeting requests. Using Exchange Central to manage incoming calls helps call center agents minimize customer wait times and increases customers satisfaction. Sign up for a free trial or free online demo of Exchange Central today to learn more about how using our team calendar software can benefit your call center.

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