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How Flexible Work Arrangements Benefit Employers and Employees

How Flexible Work Arrangements Benefit Employers and Employees

Flexible work arrangements are programs that give workers greater freedom in the manner through which they fulfill their work obligations. They may include programs that provide flexibility in the scheduling of hours worked, amount of hours worked, or place of work. Flexible work arrangements are frequently lauded for helping workers achieve a better work-life balance while enhancing a company’s productivity and profits.

There is growing interest among workers to have access to flexible work arrangements. Nearly 80% of workers say that they would like to have flexible work options. There are many different kinds of working arrangements that provide flexibility in the place of work, such as the following:

  • Working on the move
  • Working from home
  • Working at satellite offices
  • Hot desking
  • Hoteling


Flexible work arrangements aren’t just advantageous for workers who require flexibility to fulfill both their work and family obligations – they also offer myriad benefits to employers. They are effective tools in reducing the levels of turnover, tardiness, and absenteeism in an organization. They also increase job satisfaction, retention, and productivity among employees while enhancing their sense of company loyalty. Flexible work arrangements also make companies more attractive to prospective employees. All of this ultimately helps boost a company’s bottom line. According to a study about companies with a flexible work arrangement program that allows employees to work at home, if the proportion of employees working at home increases by 1% each year, the company’s profit rate increases by six-tenths of 1%. For the average firm included in the sample, this equates to an increase of around $84 million.

If your organization determines that flexible work arrangements would support its goals, both strategically and financially, then it would be of benefit to implement various tools that facilitate the creation and maintenance of a flexible work environment. It’s important for virtual teams or teams working on vastly different schedules to be able to communicate with each other with great ease as well as be able to complete work tasks while on the go.

You can use online meeting room booking software to enable employees to find meeting rooms, schedule meetings, and invite attendees even when they are away from their desks. Online team calendar software allows employees to view their team members’ schedules and collaborate more effectively with their colleagues.


How Add-On Products Can Aid Your Organization in Implementing Flexible Work Arrangements

Add-On Products offers an array of tools that are perfectly suited to organizations that offer flexible working arrangements. For example, our meeting room booking and conference planning software Resource Central can be accessed via Office 365 and Exchange Online. You can also schedule meetings while you’re on the go with a tablet, smartphone, or laptop, using the Resource Central app. Additionally, Resource Central supports the scheduling of workstations in hoteling and hot desking arrangements. Instead of assigning permanent desks to their employees, more and more companies are using hot desking and hoteling to maximize their use of real estate and prevent desks from sitting empty. Add-On Products’ WebTeam Central software allows you to view multiple staff calendars while on the move. WebTeam Central keeps the lines of communication open between employees, no matter where they are or what their schedules are like.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your company’s efficiency, productivity, and flexibility, let Add-On Products assist you. We offer a number of different tools that support flexible work arrangements. To learn more about how our software can aid  your workplace in achieving greater flexibility now and into the future, please contact us today to schedule a free demo or trial.


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