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How Customers Influence the Development of Add-On Software

How Customers Influence the Development of Add-On Software

Add-on software is an extension that provides extra features to a software program or platform. Add-on software can extend the specific functions of a program or give it new capabilities. In order to raise the quality of software and develop features that end users actually need, listening to feedback from users is very important. One of the biggest mistakes that software development companies make is building products that customers don’t want. Many software developers create more features than customers will ever use because they mistakenly believe that they know what users need better than the users themselves. In order to avoid this mentality and deliver a satisfactory product, it’s crucial to identify customers and listen to their needs.


Make request for features for our add-on software

There are many different types of customers and they all have unique requirements. While it’s not always possible to meet with every single customer, software development companies should identify as many customers as possible and gather requirements from them. Software development teams need to listen to various voices and make decisions about what features or enhancements will provide the greatest satisfaction to the most customers.

Getting feedback early and often is critical. Listening to customers and implementing their suggestions can make the difference between creating effective add-on software and delivering a dud. Maintenance programs that accept feedback and feature requests from customers give users a voice while enabling software companies to improve their products and services and make them useful. The most valuable feedback is feedback that is captured when users have the impulse to provide it because it gives developers the best glimpse of the user experience and context.


Let Your Voice Be Heard by Joining Add-On Products’ Maintenance Loyalty Program

Add-On Products develops add-on software for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook® and always takes customer feedback and suggestions into consideration. We value the close relationships we’ve developed with our customers and strive to incorporate our customers’ feature requests into our standard product roadmap. This enables us to develop add-ons that cater to the specific needs of our customers as well as meet market demands. By signing up for our Maintenance Program, you can receive customer support and get new product releases for free. The Maintenance Program is available for the following products:


A Maintenance Program ensures customers get the newest versions of add-on software

Our Maintenance Loyalty Program lasts three years and gives you access to all of a product’s updates and upgrades during this period. In addition, the program gives you unlimited access to Add-On Products’ customer support hotline, which is accessible via phone or ticket system and has a guaranteed response time of a maximum of eight working hours for 95% of all incidents. Our Maintenance Loyalty Program also gives you access to our Official Preview program, which allows you to receive the latest updates and upgrades of our products up to two months before the official release and launch date. To be eligible to purchase the Maintenance Loyalty Program for one of our products, you must have an existing license for that product.

Our relationships with members of the Maintenance Loyalty Program are more like partnerships than client-vendor relationships. We tend to be very close with our Maintenance Loyalty Program members. Contact us today for more information about our maintenance programs.

Customers of Add-On Products can also suggest or request specific features for our products here. Even if you aren’t a current customer, it is also possible to suggest or request features. Some of our customers purchase development hours when buying one of our products so that they can obtain the specific features they need.

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