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How a Shared Calendar Improves Customer Service

How a Shared Calendar Improves Customer Service

A team calendar gives employees a clear idea of what’s happening within their organization, team, or department and keeps everyone in the loop. Having access to multiple calendars ensures that employees who communicate with customers always have the information they need to provide good customer service. For instance, a team calendar could come in handy for receptionists who handle customer requests and consultants who visit customers on-site. The following is some of the information that can be gleaned from a team calendar and passed on to customers:


• Availability: determine whether an employee is available for a call or meeting.

• Information about ongoing activities: get a quick overview of projects, meetings/appointments with the customer, deadlines, and more. A web-based group calendar gives employees access to this information anytime, anywhere.


Improve efficiency with a shared calendar

Your team members’ schedules no longer need to be hidden in inaccessible, individual, and oft-outdated calendars. A group calendar makes sharing schedules with your team members easier, more collaborative, and more visual. You can customize your group calendars based on location, temporary group, department, etc. A shared calendar allows you to seamlessly manage the schedules of people in multiple time zones.


Enhanced Information Sharing Improves Communication with Customers

User-friendly overviews allow employees to quickly determine their co-workers’ availability and keep track of projects. Employees can filter calendars based on location, department, etc. and choose the preferred timeline view (week, month, and year) to get a quick overview.

Knowing where people are, what they are doing, and when they will be available next is not only essential to boosting the productivity and efficiency of your team – it also improves customer service by ensuring effective communication between client-facing employees and customers. For example, receptionists who have access to an up-to-date calendar with employees’ schedules can immediately communicate their availability to customers who call or visit. A team calendar provides receptionists with a comprehensive, user-friendly overview of employees’ schedules at a glance. The ability to quickly locate and pass on relevant information conveys a professional impression of your company. A receptionist can also quickly find an employee’s contact information and alert the employee if a customer is in the reception area waiting for him or her.

In an age when flexible and mobile working arrangements have become the norm, employees often work away from their desks and outside of the office, so it can be tough for everyone on the team to stay on the same page without a shared virtual calendar. A shared calendar prevents you from missing meetings, events, and appointments by keeping you connected. Receptionists, co-workers, project managers, and secretaries can get an instant view of shared schedules anytime and from any web-enabled device. This helps improve communication between team members as well as between employees and customers.

Having access to a web-based group calendar is also very helpful for salespeople and other employees who are out of the office often and need to check their schedules while they are on the road. Employees on the go can continue to keep track of, update, and plan their schedules as long as they have access to a web-based group calendar. They can also pass on relevant information and schedule the next meeting while at the customer site instead of waiting to return to the office, thereby providing great customer service “on the spot”.


Boost Communication and Enhance Customer Service with WebTeam Central/Exchange Central

Microsoft Outlook®’s group scheduling functionality is limited, but add-on software can enhance its capabilities without requiring you to get accustomed to a completely unfamiliar user interface. Add-On Products’ Exchange Central is team calendar software for Microsoft Outlook® that allows you to drag and drop appointments to different calendars, provides user-friendly calendar overviews, filters calendar views based on appointment type, and enables you to create specific group calendars for a team, department, location, etc. WebTeam Central is shared calendar software for Microsoft Outlook® that can be accessed from any web-enabled device. For more information about WebTeam Central or Exchange Central, please contact Add-On Productsto set up a free trial or free online demo.

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