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How a Resource Booking Tool Can Help With Time Management


Being Busy isn’t the Same as Being Effective

Time management is the process used to control how much time you spend on specific activities. With good time management, you can complete tasks in a shorter amount of time, lower stress, and achieve greater success in your life and career.

Effective time management leads to improved productivity and efficiency. Checking items off of your to-do list shows that you are making tangible progress and makes you feel like you’re getting things done. This helps to reduce stress. Managing time well also means that you spend less time on trivial activities.

Maintain Your Productivity

Resource booking software is an important time management tool in the workplace, where meetings are ubiquitous. It puts a system in place for scheduling and managing meeting rooms, freeing you and your coworkers up to focus on other tasks.

When it comes to meeting planning and scheduling, effective time management allows you to spend the least amount of time possible on finding meeting rooms, booking meetings, inviting attendees, and ordering extra services for your meetings. This allows you to focus on business-critical activities instead of the administrative overhead involved with meeting planning and booking.  

From no-shows, to double bookings, to interrupted meetings, there are many issues that plague meetings in the workplace. The logistics of booking a meeting shouldn’t get in the way of your productivity. A resource and meeting room booking system like Resource Central gives you an at-a-glance overview of meeting rooms that are available, so you can quickly find and book a meeting room that fits your needs.


See Detailed Information About Meeting Rooms as You Book Them

Meeting room listings feature photos, floor plans, and information about amenities, so you can quickly find a meeting room that is right for your needs. In short, a resource booking tool takes the guesswork out of finding and booking a meeting room. It also eliminates mistakes like double bookings because you can instantly check the availability of rooms and resources in real-time.


Connects to Your Existing Calendar

A resource booking tool for Microsoft Outlook®, Exchange, and Office 365 connects to your Outlook calendar, so you can easily book meetings from right within your current calendar. This means you don’t have to log into a separate interface to manage meeting room bookings. The tool is an extension of Outlook’s existing capabilities.


Order Extra Services and Automate Billing

In addition to booking meeting rooms and inviting attendees from within your calendar, you can also order extra services like catering, A/V equipment, etc. Order forms are automatically sent to both internal and external service providers. Cancellations are automatic too, so if a meeting gets canceled, service providers will be notified instantly.


Track Room Utilization

A resource booking system can provide you with access to aggregated data regarding all room bookings, which can be used for billing or to track room utilization. These reports give you access to workplace analytics and provide valuable insights about check-ins, no-shows, resource usage, and more. By evaluating the data in these reports, you can optimize real estate usage even further.


Integrate Your Meeting Room Booking System with Digital Signage

With conference room signs displayed right outside of your meeting rooms, you can easily book available meeting rooms right on the spot. The ability to quickly book ad hoc meetings is helpful when you want to have a spontaneous meeting. If no one checks into a meeting on the meeting room sign, the room automatically gets freed up so others can use it.

Make your meeting and resource booking workflow more efficient with a meeting room booking system for Microsoft Outlook®, Exchange, and Office 365, like Resource Central. A meeting room booking system empowers your team to find the best space for meetings and take care of all of the booking details without affecting their productivity.

To learn more about how Resource Central can help you manage your time more effectively, sign up for a free trial or free online demo!


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Saturday, 08 August 2020