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Large Housing Association in the UK Saves £1 Million Per Year with Hot Desking - Add-On Products Blog

Large Housing Association in the UK Saves £1 Million Per Year with Hot Desking - Add-On Products Blog

The Genesis Housing Association is a leading housing association in the UK that provides homes to more than 100,000 people. In 2014, the organization planned to relocate to a new flagship office in Camden, London. This move was part of a two-year plan to lower costs and create a more flexible and efficient workplace.

Because many employees were frequently out of the office, engaging with clients face-to-face or attending meetings in hub offices, the management team at Genesis decided to set up a flexible work environment, do away with fixed desks, and implement hot desks. However, they quickly realized that hot desking wasn’t appropriate for every department. For example, the finance department still required fixed desks because of the sensitive nature of their work.

Genesis sought a resource booking system that would allow them to manage their workspace more effectively and assign hot desks. Having recently switched to Microsoft Office 365 from Google Enterprise Mail, Genesis was searching for a resource booking system that integrated easily with Office 365 and its cloud-based infrastructure. Genesis looked at various resource management systems for hot desking and meeting room booking, finally settling on Resource Central by Add-On Products. Genesis implemented Resource Central with the assistance of Add-On Products’ UK partner Essential Computing.

With Resource Central, staff is now able to book hot desks and make appointments using Outlook’s familiar calendaring system. Resource Central also generates resource utilization reports, enabling facilities managers to keep track of how resources are being used and pinpoint ways they can be used in a more efficient manner.


One-Stop Solution for Booking Meeting Rooms, Hot Desks, and Other Resources

Genesis sought a one-stop solution for booking meeting rooms, hot desks, and other extra services, such as catering. The organization also adopted ResourceXpress, which allows users to book hot desks and meetings on the spot via digital signs with touch screens.

Through its adoption of Resource Central, Genesis has managed to free up 285 desks at the Camden office and predicts freeing up another 200 hot desks when it rolls the solution out to its Willesden office. Owing to the implementation of Resource Central and its successful transition to a hot desking arrangement, Genesis anticipates saving an estimated £1 million per year.

The rollout of Resource Central went smoothly at Genesis Housing Association’s Camden Office, so much so that the organization plans to implement it at additional office locations in the near future. Jenny Quigley, one of the project managers tasked with overseeing the implementation of hot desking at Genesis, challenges any organization that assumes hot desking won’t work for them to give it a shot. Having a qualified partner and the right technology is crucial. Partnering with Essential Computing and using Resource Central to book meetings and hot desks with Microsoft Outlook® has proven to be a successful formula for the Genesis Housing Association.

For more information about Add-On Products’ hot desking and meeting room booking software, Resource Central, please sign up for a free trial or free online demo.


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