Hardware Options for Your Digital Signage Network

Hardware Options for Your Digital Signage Network

In the past, if you wanted to implement digital signage, you had to obtain expensive and complex hardware and software. Fortunately, the digital signage industry has expanded significantly in recent years and many more hardware options have opened up to companies implementing digital signage solutions. The total cost of ownership of digital signage continues to decrease, which has made its deployment more feasible.

Digital signage hardware aids in content delivery. Add-On Products’ digital signage software is hardware-independent, giving you the flexibility to pick and choose from a variety of different hardware. This allows you to secure local warranties on your hardware as well as gives you the freedom to opt for different hardware later on, so you can update your hardware to obtain new features, take advantage of lower prices, etc. without having to change your software. For example, you could use iOS tablets one year and then switch to Windows tablets the next year but keep the same digital signage software. Popular digital signage hardware options include the following:

iPads: It’s no secret that touch screens drive user immersion. iPads are a popular digital signage hardware option because they are sleek, cost-effective, and versatile. Many types of wall mounts are available for the iPad. There are also accessories that protect iPads from damage and theft.

Android Tablets: Android tablets allow users to interact with your brand and increase sales. You can purchase Android tablets designed for consumer use or more durable Android tablets built specifically for commercial use. Commercial displays are the ideal choice if you plan to have the digital sign run 24/7. Android tablets make great meeting room signs and point-of-sale displays because of their compact size and ability to fit easily into any location.

Digital Signage Kiosks and Billboards: Freestanding kiosks and wall-mounted billboards are impactful digital signage solutions that may be equipped with an internal media player or can be connected to an external one. Billboards can be mounted on the wall in portrait or landscape orientation, and are perfectly suited to high-visibility locations. Kiosks are easy to move, all-in-one solutions with a freestanding design. They can be used to display dynamic messages in areas with a lot of traffic.

Digital Signage Media Player: Digital signage media players are small computers used to show digital content on a digital signage display. Media players come in many different sizes, such as portable hard drive media players that are located right behind the screens. Technically, any device running digital signage could be referred to as a media player but media players are designed solely for digital signage playback, unlike computers or tablets.

Windows and Android Dongles: Dongles are digital signage media players that fit right into the palm of your hand. These digital signage sticks have HDMI connectivity and are compatible with a full range of displays. The hardware is ultra-compact and allows you to convert virtually any screen into a digital sign.

Flat Screen TVs: Large flat screen televisions are a fantastic way to display announcements, specials, and other information in commercial settings because they are highly visible and have an immediate impact on viewers. You could even put together hundreds of TVs to create mesmerizing video walls that display a single message. Plasma displays are lower in cost than LCD displays and have truer colors, but LCD displays consume less power and boast a slimmer design. Commercial-grade flat screen displays come with longer warranties than their consumer-grade counterparts and they are sealed to keep out dust and other contaminants. They are also designed to run for longer, uninterrupted periods of time.

Many digital signage solutions require you to purchase various pieces of equipment and modules before they’ll work. At Add-On Products, we’re dedicated to giving our customers access to the greatest variety of digital signage hardware options possible, so they can achieve their objectives at a reduced cost. We offer Digital Sign Service, a conference room sign solution, as well as Ariadne, our full-scale digital signage software. If you’d like to learn more about Add-On Products’ digital signage solutions through a free trial or free online demo, please contact us today!

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