Keep Track of Your Team, Project, and Resources with Group Calendar Software

Keep Track of Your Team, Project, and Resources with Group Calendar Software

Attention project managers and meeting organizers: Do you have trouble coordinating dates and keeping track of your team members and projects? If so, team calendar software could be just the solution you’re looking for, particularly if you manage multiple teams.

Forgetting deadlines or meetings can be detrimental to projects and client relationships, which is why so many businesses are embracing the use of team calendars. Team calendars that are accessible by desktop computer or mobile device help project managers, meeting organizers, and team members manage assignments, appointments, tasks, and meetings, even while they’re on the road. Using a shared group calendar does away with the need for time-consuming back-and-forth phone calls and emails just to set up meetings and invite attendees.

Traditional Microsoft Outlook® meeting invites often rely on trial and error because you may not be sure at the time of booking when your team members have availability. Why not schedule meetings with colleagues when you know they are available by using a group calendar?

Team calendar software allows you to schedule meetings, deadlines, conference calls, events, and more. You can sync a group calendar with your own personal calendar, or keep track of multiple group calendars. Using a shared calendar enables you to determine when employees are free, so you can schedule group events and meetings with ease. Email reminders and schedule change notifications are sent to attendees automatically.


Benefits of Team Calendaring Solution for Project Managers

With so many of today’s employees working on the road or remotely, it’s crucial for teams to have a centralized calendar. Projects always involve a dizzying array of tasks, meetings, appointments, and deliverables, so it can be hectic to keep it all under control. Project managers can manage group activities on a master calendar that’s integrated across everyone’s Outlook® calendars. A shared calendar makes it easy for the entire team to stay on schedule and ensures that everyone stays productive and on top of their obligations. Project managers can also filter meetings and appointments for teams they are managing based on subject, category, text, or location, and then pull the information directly into Excel to summarize time usage.

A group calendar can revolutionize the way you and your team work. It makes it easier to keep track of important events and milestones in a project from a single place and ensures that your team works more efficiently together. Project managers can also use team calendar software to get a clear idea of their team’s current obligations and availability, so they can plan for events and assign tasks in the most optimal way and spread the work out evenly amongst team members.


Book Meetings for Co-Workers or with Clients

Meeting organizers can use a group calendar to book meetings between co-workers, whether they are salespeople, bank employees, or insurance brokers. Organizing team meetings becomes much easier with a group calendar at your fingertips because you can get a quick overview of employee schedules and determine exactly when they’re free.

Add-On Products’ customer Migros Bank uses the web-based group calendar software WebTeam Central to book meetings with customers. They are highly satisfied with this user-friendly calendar software for Microsoft Outlook® because it’s quick and intuitive and simplifies contact with clients. Bank advisors can book meetings with clients while on the phone with them and easily avoid mistakes like double bookings. Furthermore, bank advisors don’t have to confirm meetings again later with customers, since reminders are sent automatically, keeping customers up-to-date and informed. Bank advisors at Migros Bank can also get a quick overview of what is going on and what they have booked at any time.

Want to try WebTeam Central for yourself? If you manage a team or set up meetings for employees, using group calendar software can transform the way you work. Sign up for a free trial or free online demo of WebTeam Central today!


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