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Going Green with Meeting Booking and Team Calendar Software

Going Green with Meeting Booking and Team Calendar Software

Sustainability has moved away from being a “nice to have” to being the center of many companies’ strategic agendas. IT systems and software have played a crucial role in helping companies achieve their sustainability goals. 

Add-On Products’ meeting and resource booking software Resource Central and team calendar software WebTeam Central aid companies in doing their part for the environment. Both tools allow companies to manage a mobile workforce, maximize resource utilization, and maintain a cost-effective, sustainable facility. 


Optimize Workspace and Lower Real Estate Costs

Unused or underutilized desks, office space, and meeting rooms comprise a large and unnecessary expense for businesses. According to a study by Aecom, the average workspace is only occupied 42% of a typical day. Meeting room and resource booking software enable you to identify underused space so that you can maximize utilization and make better-informed real estate decisions. 

Comprehensive reports allow managers to gain insight into exactly when and how meeting rooms are being used. Knowing exactly how people use office space enables managers to optimize workspace allocation and maximize office space usage. Managers can also identify unused workspace and then downsize, which can lower real estate costs as well as energy usage. 


Reduce Energy Waste and Consumption

Meeting booking software simplifies the meeting room reservation and management process, making it easier to optimize energy usage and reduce your carbon footprint. Users are able to clearly visualize which meeting rooms are available and appropriate for their needs when they use booking software, ensuring better utilization of workspace. 

Unused office space often has heating, cooling, lighting, and other utilities continually running. By identifying unoccupied space with resource booking software, you can disconnect unnecessary utilities or do away with the unneeded workspace altogether. 


Accommodate Remote and Flexible Working  

Remote working and flexible working both contribute to sustainability because remote workers don’t commute, don’t use as much paper, and don’t take up space and consume energy in the office. In 2014, the remote work policies at Xerox, Aetna, and Dell saved these companies a combined 95,000 metric tons in greenhouse gas emissions. 

Meeting booking software and team calendar software make it possible for remote employees to work effectively together. You can use calendar software to keep track of your schedule and your team members’ schedules in real-time. You can also book meetings and videoconferences anytime, anywhere, and across time zones. 

Resource booking software, like Resource Central, allows you to book flexible workspaces. For example, it supports hoteling and hot desking. Hoteling is reservation-based unassigned seating, while hot desking is reservation-less unassigned seating. Both hot desking and hoteling give mobile workers and remote employees the ability to drop by and work in the office, even if they don’t have a permanent desk. This prevents desks from sitting empty while giving organizations the ability to accommodate a flexible and mobile workforce. Hot desking and hoteling also improve collaboration because they encourage workers to sit in different locations and interact with new people every time they come to the office. 


Prevent Booking Errors 

Last-minute changes to meeting schedules come at a cost. When a meeting is changed or canceled at the last minute, service deliveries, such as orders for catering and AV equipment, may be fulfilled unnecessarily. This results in unwanted deliveries, waste, and unnecessary expenses. Meeting room booking software prevents unneeded deliveries by maintaining up-to-date communications with service providers and automating cancelation and change notifications. 

To effectively manage meeting room and resource utilization and boost your organization’s sustainability, sign up for a free trial or free online demo of Add-On Products’ meeting and resource booking software, Resource Central. If you’re looking for a way to keep track of team members’ schedules and keep employees in sync across geographic locations and time zones, sign up for a free trial or free online demo of our team calendar software WebTeam Central. 


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