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Ghost Meetings: Clearing Up Your Meeting Booking System to Prevent Rooms From Sitting Empty


Today’s businesses are in a cutthroat competition to attract and retain talent. Benefits and salaries are an important part of being able to retain talent, but so is creating a positive and productive work environment that empowers employees. One common sticking point in offices is the problems associated with finding and booking a meeting room. While scheduling meetings should be a straightforward, routine task, that’s unfortunately not the case in most businesses.

Meeting rooms are often fully booked, making it challenging for employees to schedule important meetings. This requires employees to spend time asking around to see if someone can move their meeting so that they can use the room. What makes the problem even more frustrating is that some of these meeting rooms that are supposedly booked for a meeting are just sitting empty. The meeting organizers who originally booked the room either forgot to cancel the meeting or didn’t show up.

If you don’t clean up ghost meetings in your calendar, your calendar will also start to get crowded with meetings that are no longer valid. This takes up space in your calendar and makes it challenging for others to schedule meetings with you because they aren’t sure which meetings in your calendar are still accurate.


How to Optimize Resources, Save Time, and Provide a Hassle-Free Meeting Booking Experience  

Without a proper meeting room booking system, scheduling meeting rooms can become a complicated, time-consuming, and nerve-wracking experience. Don’t let scheduling errors and inefficient booking processes damage the employee experience and client perception at your organization. Implementing a meeting room booking system is an easy way to improve your work environment and increase productivity. 

A meeting room booking system coupled with conference room signs enable you to free up unused meeting rooms. Meeting room displays show room availability at a glance, so you can tell right away whether a room is available or not. There’s no need to go to Outlook on your phone or at your workstation to check availability. You can book a meeting right on the display’s touchscreen in a matter of seconds. This can shave off a lot of unproductive time from your day. 

Meeting room displays also eliminate ghost meetings from your calendar because you can confirm, end, cancel, or extend meetings right from the meeting room sign. This ensures that there are no questions about a meeting room’s status and that no rooms stay booked if they aren’t actually in use. Booking the room at the door also ensures that you get to book and finish a meeting in a room without someone booking it while you’re using it. This prevents those awkward situations when you are in a meeting and another group comes and asks you to wrap up quickly so they can use the meeting room. 

Meeting room displays also improve your company’s reputation to employees and visitors alike. They can be customized with your company’s logo and colors, projecting a professional image. Digital meeting room displays with your branding help your employees stay productive and create a better work environment.

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Thursday, 09 July 2020