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The Future of Your Company’s Reception Area

The Future of Your Company’s Reception Area

Receptionists are at the front line of communication with visitors and customers, so they can make or break people’s impression of your company. Prior to the advent of visitor management systems and receptionist software, most reception areas used pen and paper to sign visitors in. This left visitors’ information out in the open for all to see and affected safety and security.  

Visitor management software streamlines the check in process for visitors. Receptionists can quickly collect visitor data, generate name badges, and track visitor information. An email is automatically sent to the person who the visitor has come to see, so the receptionist doesn’t have to call or send an email manually. This frees up receptionists to focus on other important tasks, such as monitoring the lobby, answering calls, tracking performance, and contacting guests. Digitalizing the visitor management process also allows your team to keep track of who is visiting your office without the hassle of maintaining paper files. 


Modernize Your Reception Area with a Touchscreen Kiosk 

Touchscreen kiosks may eventually replace receptionists altogether. A virtual concierge kiosk provides remote office reception services and catches the eye of visitors. It may include a personalized message greeting and welcoming visitors, and enable visitors to register and receive a name badge. An email is automatically sent to the person the visitor is supposed to meet, so they are aware of the visitor’s arrival. 

A professionally designed kiosk display exudes professionalism. Customized with your company’s logo and branding elements, a kiosk display can also help strengthen your corporate image. In addition, you can keep visitors up-to-date on your company’s latest activities by displaying the latest news and promotions. 

Kiosks enable companies to provide high quality reception services without having to hire a dedicated team for that particular function. They send the right message about your company with their sleek appearance and user-friendly interface. 


Use Wayfinding to Enhance the Visitor Experience 

After being registered and receiving name badges, visitors can be guided through your facility with wayfinding digital signage. Wayfinding prevents people from getting lost. It also gives your company the opportunity to successfully interact with visitors and provide them with targeted information. 

Wayfinding saves your visitors time and frustration by helping them navigate through your property with ease. It assists them with finding their way around your building and getting to their destination. You can even save money with wayfinding digital signage because it eliminates the need for paper maps and signs, which have to be updated periodically. Wayfinding digital signage also empowers visitors to find their way around themselves, which reduces the amount of time employees spend providing visitors with directions and assistance. 

Implementing a digital visitor management system and wayfinding signage shows that your company cares about employing the latest technologies and practices. It makes guests feel welcome and ensures that their visit runs as smoothly as possible. 

Add-On Products offers a number of different tools for corporate visitor management. Our meeting scheduling and receptionist software, Resource Central, can help you seamlessly check in and track visitors to your building. Our digital signage software, Ariadne, greets visitors with personalized messages and guides them around your facility with wayfinding. For further information about our software, please contact us and schedule a free trial or free online demo.  


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