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Increase the Efficiency of Your Front Desk with Instant, Automated SMS Notifications


First impressions matter. If visitors come to your facility and are greeted by a friendly receptionist and then are quickly met by their host, it could make all the difference in how your company is perceived. Resource Central is a meeting room booking system for Microsoft Outlook®, Exchange, and Office 365 with a new feature that instantly sends SMS notifications to hosts upon visitor check-in, alerting them of their visitors’ arrival. This makes the front desk more efficient and provides guests with an exceptional arrival experience. It also saves receptionists time, so they don’t have to call and track down employees when visitors arrive.

Previously, the standard was for staff hosting visitors to receive an email when a visitor arrived. While email is effective to an extent, it’s easy to miss email messages. And no one wants to be tied to their desk or mobile email client to keep track of email notifications. Email inboxes tend to get really crowded, as well, so it could be easy for email notifications to get lost in the shuffle. SMS notifications are brief, informative, and attention-grabbing. The ability to reach employees directly on their phones helps to boost visibility. 

Within Resource Central, it’s easy to configure the default text message that is sent to meeting organizers. The receptionists checking visitors in also have the option to add additional comments if they need to mention any other information about the visitor or provide further instructions to the host. Even if you use an unattended kiosk instead of a receptionist for checking visitors in, you can utilize automated text messages to communicate to hosts within Resource Central.


Manage Visitors From Arrival to Departure with Resource Central  

The SMS notification feature of Resource Central was developed in collaboration with a leading provider of SMS services, Computopic. With SMS notifications, visitors can check in more quickly and easily and receptionists save time. Even if the host is on the phone or in a meeting, the SMS notification is delivered. For more information on this premium feature of Resource Central, contact us today!


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Wednesday, 08 July 2020