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Free Up Time for Revenue-Generating Tasks with an Outlook<sup>®</sup> Room Booking System

Free Up Time for Revenue-Generating Tasks with an Outlook® Room Booking System

It’s no secret that excessive business meetings can waste time and hurt productivity, but less attention is paid to how much time organizations waste on the process of booking those meetings. According to a survey of 1,500 managers and administrative staff members at companies in Europe and the US, businesses waste approximately 4.8 hours per week scheduling meetings. This amounts to six weeks spent scheduling meetings each year. That wasted time could be used to provide better customer service or perform other revenue-generating tasks.

Many companies continue to rely on outdated methods to coordinate meetings, such as phone calls and emails. This back-and-forth communication is tedious. Without a streamlined booking system, it is also time-consuming to determine which meeting rooms are available and to check the availability of attendees.

An Outlook® room booking system like Resource Central eliminates the back and forth that often takes place when organizing meetings between a group of people. You can instantly get an overview of all available meeting rooms and view details about each meeting room, such as their floor plans, directions, and maximum capacity. Once you find an appropriate meeting room, you can quickly determine when attendees are available and invite them with the click of a mouse. Then you can order all associated services, from catering to AV equipment. Order receipts are automatically sent to service providers. Any changes and cancellations are handled automatically, and common mistakes like double bookings are eliminated.

How Much Time a Mid-Sized Company Can Save with an Outlook® Room Booking System

Add-On Products offers an ROI Calculator that can help you determine approximately how much time and money an Outlook® room booking system could save your organization. Resource Central, our meeting room booking software for Microsoft Outlook®, reduces the time it takes to book a meeting, invite attendees, and order extra services to less than 2 minutes. Without meeting room booking software, these tasks could take up to 8 minutes to complete. So, by implementing Resource Central, you could save an estimated 6 minutes per meeting.

Over the course of a year, a mid-sized company may spend 4,000 hours on meeting planning without meeting room booking software. By implementing meeting room software, a mid-sized company could cut meeting planning time down to about 1,000 hours per year.

How Much Time a Large Enterprise Can Save with Meeting Room Booking Software

The time-saving benefits of meeting room booking software are even more significant for large enterprises. For a large enterprise, it takes approximately 9 minutes to schedule a meeting without meeting room booking software. Meeting room software can cut down meeting planning time by around 7 minutes per meeting. Annually, you could save an estimated total of 11,750 hours with meeting booking software.

Making Time for Work That Matters

There are only so many hours in one day and only so much you can charge for your products and services. Working more won’t add to your company’s bottom line if those extra hours don’t involve tasks that translate into revenue. An Outlook® room booking system saves you time, effort, and expense. This frees you up to spend more time on tactical tasks rather than day-to-day issues. Workers become more productive when administrative tasks, such as planning and scheduling meetings, are minimized and replaced with value-added ones.

Scheduling meetings is a low-value task that distracts employees from more important work. For example, by switching to a streamlined booking system, a manager could minimize the amount of time spent scheduling meetings and instead dedicate more time to supporting her team, which could lead to an increase in sales. For salespeople, spending less time on meeting planning frees them up for client acquisition activities, such as asking for referrals, calling prospects, and networking. In sum, meeting room software allows organizations to accomplish more work in less time and significantly increases productivity. As a result, employees have more time to focus on client relationships and managers have more time to focus on the management of talent.

Find Out How Much YOUR Company Would Save with an Outlook® Room Booking System

Booking meetings with inefficient systems and processes can result in wasted time as well as increased costs. Resource Central is a flexible, easy-to-use meeting room booking tool for Microsoft Outlook® that automates the entire meeting scheduling process. You can instantly view all available meeting rooms, order extra services, and invite attendees. Planning and booking meetings has never been quicker or easier. To determine approximately how much time and money your company could save with an Outlook® room booking system, try our ROI calculator.

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