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Expand Your Room Booking System to New Locations Over Time

Expand Your Room Booking System to New Locations Over Time

Imagine how complicated it would be to manage meeting rooms in multiple locations and hundreds of resources without a quick and streamlined room booking system. Meeting room software simplifies the meeting planning and booking process by allowing you to easily search for meeting rooms and then book meetings and order extra services in just a couple of minutes. With robust meeting room software, you’ll know which rooms are occupied and what resources are available across multiple locations and be able to book meetings with staff members in offices around the country or world.

Consider choosing a room booking system which can easily be expanded to more locations

When you first deploy a room booking system, you might only need it in one location. Over time, however, you may need to expand the software to additional locations. Perhaps you want to try the software out in one office first before deploying it in other offices, or you plan to open new offices in the future. This is why it’s important to choose meeting room software with your future needs in mind.

Meeting room software that can easily be expanded to multiple locations will simplify the process of expansion. It’s also important to evaluate meeting room booking systems and select a solution that is capable of managing rooms and resources in multiple locations, even in different time zones. Your workforce should be able to see what resources are available across multiple locations and book resources anytime, anywhere.

Deploy Your Room Booking System in Multiple Locations with Ease

Add-On Products’ Resource Central is a scalable room booking system for Microsoft Outlook® that allows you to book meetings and search for available rooms and resources. With Resource Central, you can search for suitable rooms and resources in one location or multiple sites. You can filter your searches based on characteristics like room capacity and video conferencing.


Read the business case

Resource Central addresses requirements that Outlook® alone simply can’t handle, and that includes enabling users to organize meetings across multiple locations. As described in our latest case study, the MS Society of Canada has rolled out Resource Central in new locations and has found it very easy to do so. The case study says:

“Expanding Resource Central to the MS Society’s office in Burnaby, British Columbia was simple because all they had to do was create a folder for the new office and put its resources there. As the organization continues to expand Resource Central to other locations, it will take advantage of this convenient folder feature.”

If your company has multiple locations or is planning to open new locations, using a room booking system that can easily be expanded to additional locations can be very helpful. Resource Central is a great choice if you’re looking for software that can easily be expanded and used to book rooms and resources in multiple locations. Resource Central makes it simple to coordinate schedules across multiple locations and lets you work the way you want. Whether you’re a large corporation with offices around the globe or a small business with just a few meeting rooms, Resource Central will transform the way you schedule rooms and resources. Sign up for a free online demo or download a free trial of Resource Central to take our room booking system for a test drive.

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