Enhance the Visitor Experience at Your Hotel with Digital Signage Marketing

Enhance the Visitor Experience at Your Hotel with Digital Signage Marketing

Digital signs are useful in virtually every industry, but they’re particularly advantageous in the hospitality industry, in which communicating effectively with customers is key to providing a satisfactory experience. Digital signage marketing has been used for many years in hotels, but typically through hotel channels on in-room TVs. These hotel channels often advertise a hotel’s amenities, restaurants, and premium TV channels. The use of digital signs has gradually spread from hotel rooms and into lobbies, restaurants, hallways, elevators, conference rooms, and more.

Whether you have a small boutique hotel or a large hotel with a plethora of amenities and conference rooms, you need to communicate with your guests on a 24/7 basis. Today’s hotel guests are a tech-savvy bunch, and digital signs communicate with them in a way that a concierge, brochure, or printed sign cannot. Digital signs are particularly appealing to younger demographics, which have more sophisticated expectations and are highly receptive to new technology.

Digital signs provide a unique opportunity to break through the clutter of static signs and engage visitors. The range of possibilities regarding what can be displayed via digital signage is practically limitless. There are many uses for digital signs in a hospitality establishment, including the following:

Help customers find their way around your hotel: Wayfinding guides visitors through your hotel and provides a “self-service” source of information. Wayfinding can be used to help visitors find meeting rooms, hotel rooms, and amenities. Guests no longer have to remember a receptionist’s detailed instructions in order to arrive at their hotel rooms or conference rooms.

Display event and meeting schedules: In large hotels where conferences are hosted, digital signs can be used to display event and meeting schedules as well as announce upcoming events, doing away with the need for static paper signs. Replacing printed materials with digital signs reduces waste and eliminates printing costs.

Promote amenities: Hotels can use digital signs to promote and market their services, including on-property restaurant menus, happy hour at the hotel bar, spa packages, and fitness centers. You can also promote hotel or casino loyalty programs and new offerings, such as package deals and holiday specials. Another option would be to sell digital signage space to external companies in order to generate an additional stream of revenue from advertising.

Give guests a strong first impression: Seconds after entering your hotel, guests are going to form an impression of your establishment. Make the impression count with cutting-edge digital signs that warmly welcome and greet guests, provide them with up-to-date information, and entertain them while they wait in the lobby. Travelers will appreciate the instant flight, weather, and traffic updates provided by digital signs. Digital signage also relieves front desk staff by serving as a virtual concierge.

Digital signs are typically deployed in high-traffic and waiting areas, where they guide visitors and inform them about services and activities both inside and outside of the hotel. With a well-designed digital signage system at your disposal, you’re not limited to displaying a single piece of content at a time. You can split the screen into different zones and dedicate one zone to news and weather, another zone to advertisements, etc.

Keep Announcements and Advertisements Fresh, Relevant, and Timely

Digital signage marketing can be used to improve your visitor experience

Digital signs are superior to traditional, static signage because they can be updated instantly. In the old days, when all signage was static, it wasn’t uncommon for outdated or incorrect information to be displayed for days. Digital signs allow hotels to interact with guests at all times and display up-to-the-minute promotions and events. Digital signage is a cost-effective solution that has been adopted by hotels at all price levels, from budget hotels to luxury establishments.

Digital signs are tied to software and can be controlled centrally. Content can be refreshed instantly, and you can promote different products and services throughout the day. For example, you could schedule promotional messages to be displayed at different times of the day in order to feature time-sensitive offerings and specials. Promotions can be alternated with important information for guests, such as flight information, breaking news, and weather.

An editorial calendar can be used to determine when sales and specials will be shared. You can schedule daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly specials in the calendar. Announcements can be tailored to different locations within your facility and to specific groups, such as conference-goers, wedding attendees, or even standard hotel guests who need to see flight information before heading to the airport.

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