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Enhance Business Relationships with Effective Visitor Management

Enhance Business Relationships with Effective Visitor Management

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Managing your reception area efficiently is crucial to creating a positive image for customers and prospects. Effective visitor management strengthens your reputation and enhances your business relationships while building greater trust in your products and services.

Your reception process is reflective of your company as a whole. If you have a quick and effective visitor management process, people will feel welcome and leave with a positive image of your company. If you make visitors wait around or the process feels disorganized, they may end up with a negative impression of your company.


Why Use Visitor Management Software?

Using visitor management software that allows for the registration of guests and the printing of visitor badges enhances the professionalism of your front desk and makes people feel welcome. Not only does using visitor management software minimize the amount of time spent signing visitors in, it also allows front desk personnel to send automatic notifications to hosts so that they can come down to greet their visitors.

You also have the option to use a self-service kiosk to automate your front office. A kiosk solution has a touchscreen and allows visitors to sign in and sign out without assistance, saving your organization on staffing costs while enhancing your professional image with sleek, cutting-edge technology.

By doing away with paper logbooks, businesses can also enhance the security of their front desks. Paper logbooks make visitors’ personal information available for everyone to see and the handwriting is often illegible. They’re also tedious to use. When the whole process is automated with software, receptionists can process visitors more quickly and are freed up to provide better service.

No longer do your receptionists have to rush to sign in visitors manually with a paper logbook, create badges, or contact hosts to let them know that their visitors have arrived. No more long lines in the lobby or harried receptionists who are too busy to provide great service. Visitor management software reduces your receptionists’ workload by helping them keep track of who is visiting, when they’re supposed to arrive, and whom they are coming to see. The software also provides receptionists with a complete overview of all visitors at your facility, enhancing security. The demand for visitor management software has increased significantly since 9/11 and visitor management systems have become a lot more sophisticated, allowing companies to control access to their buildings and keep security at an optimum level with less effort.


Welcome Visitors with Digital Signage

Visitor management doesn’t stop at registration. You can also make the reception process run smoothly and make visitors feel welcome by displaying welcome messages via digital signage. Digital signage software that integrates with digital signs in your lobby can be used to display personalized greetings that include visitors’ names and company logos, right around the time that they are expected to arrive. Digital signs extend a warm welcome to visitors, creating the best possible experience and increasing engagement.

Digital signage can also be used to display wayfinding, Wayfinding digital signs provide directions, maps, and pointing solutions to visitors, so they can find their way around your facility.


Make Visitor Management Easy with Add-On Products’ Suite of Tools

Professionally managing visitors in your lobby enhances your productivity, corporate image, branding, and reputation. Add-On Products offers Resource Central, which is resource scheduling software for Microsoft Outlook® that includes a visitor management module. Resource Central allows you to send automatic email notifications to hosts when visitors arrive, print visitor badges, perform barcode scans of badges, and register visitors quickly. Add-On Products also offers Ariadne, which is multimedia digital signage software that allows you to welcome visitors with personalized greetings and guide them through your facility with wayfinding. For more information about these solutions or to schedule a free trial or demo, please contact Add-On Products today.

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