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Email Signature Tool: How a Company-Wide Email Signature Enforces Your Brand

Email Signature Tool: How a Company-Wide Email Signature Enforces Your Brand

Building a memorable brand isn’t just something that big companies do. It is essential to the success of your business, no matter the size. Whether you just started your company or you have been around for a while, strengthening your business’s brand is an important, ongoing task.

Most companies use their logo anytime they correspond in an official manner, such as when they send letters to customers using a company letterhead. A company-wide email signature that includes your company logo enhances your branding by helping you achieve the following:

  • Visibility
  • Consistency
  • Repetition
  • Professionalism

All branding elements, including your website, email signature, letterhead, and business cards, ought to coordinate with one another to deliver a consistent, professional image of your company. With an email signature tool, you have the ability to centrally standardize email signatures to be used across your entire workforce.

Make a Powerful Impression

A company-wide standardized email signature ensures you always convey a professional impression of your company

Vendors, associates, and clients will form an impression of your company based not only on the content of your employees’ emails, but also the appearance of their email signatures. If your employees all have a uniform email signature, it will convey a professional image. A clean, simple, and concise email signature that is consistent with your brand will help communicate your company’s legitimacy as well as build brand recognition.

Without an email signature tool, companies can face many problems when it comes to employee email signatures. While you could provide all of your employees with brand and design guidelines for creating email signatures, many of them will simply develop their own personalized versions. As a result, it is not unusual for employees at a single company to have totally different styles of email signatures. This makes it more challenging to create a strong and memorable brand.

Centrally creating a company-wide email signature prevents employees from using inappropriate graphics, colorful fonts, animations, political or religious quotes, etc. that you don’t want your company to be associated with. While some employees might feel the desire to express their personalities and viewpoints through their email signatures, doing so would be detrimental to your company’s professional image.

Increase Your Marketing Reach

Want to promote an upcoming event or one of your products? Use an email signature tool as part of your marketing efforts

Why not use the emails you’re already sending to get the word out about your offerings? Email signatures are like free advertising space that you can use to promote upcoming events, market products and services, make seasonal announcements, and much more. For example, here at Add-On Products, we use our email signatures to promote new business case studies and product releases.

With email signature software, you can centrally configure a company-wide email signature and easily update it for all users anytime you want. It is extremely easy and cost-effective to boost your marketing efforts with a uniform email signature if you use a centrally managed email signature solution.

Limit Your Liability and Protect Your Brand’s Reputation

Email could expose your company to legal threats, which could in turn hurt your company’s reputation and brand image. In the digital age, many companies use email disclaimers to protect themselves and limit their liability. The mere presence of an email disclaimer deters most people from seeking legal compensation from a company, which is why the use of email disclaimers is strongly encouraged. Email disclaimers help protect businesses from legal threats like breach of confidentiality, accidental breach of confidentiality, and transmission of viruses, for example. An email signature tool allows you to easily add disclaimer information to all outgoing company emails.

Maximize the Marketing and Branding Potential of Company Emails with Mailbox Central

Once you design an effective email signature, it’s important to ensure that all employees in your company are using the same signature. Add-On Products offers an email signature tool known as Mailbox Central, which integrates directly with Microsoft Outlook® and enables you to centrally create a standardized corporate email signature. Using Mailbox Central allows you to take complete advantage of email as a marketing tool, so you can improve your branding, promote your offerings, and boost your professional image every time you send an email. Please contact us for a free trial or free online demo of Mailbox Central today to discover the benefits of using a standardized email signature.



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