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Email Signature Software: How to Leverage the Marketing Benefits of Everyday Company Emails


Email Signatures as a Branding Tool

One of the most overlooked methods for marketing your company is email, and we’re not talking about email newsletter marketing – we’re talking about the emails that employees of your company send to clients, vendors, and associates on a daily basis. Company email signatures are powerful yet simple branding tools. An email signature is information added at the end of an outgoing email to let people know who you are, what organization you work for, etc. Simply put, an email signature is like a digital business card.


Email Signature Provides Instant Brand Recognition

These days, most people are constantly bombarded by emails. A branded and personalized email signature can help your emails stand out and make it clear to the recipient that the message is coming from your company. If you don’t use a corporate email signature as part of your larger marketing and branding efforts, you’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity to increase brand awareness and nurture your customer base. Marketing departments usually take care to brand their company’s letterheads, business cards, brochures, and other outgoing marketing communications, so why not do the same with your company’s emails?

A clean, simple, and well-designed company email signature that is used by everyone at your organization conveys a professional image and communicates trust and legitimacy. Furthermore, a corporate email signature provides instant brand recognition to those who see it.

Consistent email signatures across your organization build a recognizable brand identity for your company. People that your company communicates with will make connections between emails from different members of your organization because of the consistent email signatures. On the other hand, imagine if each employee at your company used a different email signature with personalized colors, fonts, and content. Not only would it look sloppy, it could also damage your company’s reputation and branding efforts, particularly if an employee’s choice of colors and content don’t align with your company’s views.


What to Put in Your Email Signature

At the very least, each employee’s email signature should have his name, title, company name, company address, phone number, company website URL, and company logo. Other things that may be beneficial to include in your email signature are links to your company or personal social media profiles, a tagline, and your latest promotions. You don’t have to include your email address in an email signature since it’s already in the “From” field of your email.


Promote Current Marketing Campaigns

Why not use your outgoing emails to get the word out about your latest marketing campaigns? By adding a call-to-action and link to your email signatures, you can increase your company’s marketing reach at no added cost. Think about how much your company pays for online and offline advertising. With email, you can get similar results without paying a penny for impressions, so the Return-on-Investment (ROI) is significant. Things you can promote in your email signatures include the following:

• Special offers and sales
• New products and services
• Surveys
• Fundraising campaigns
• Events and conferences
• Case studies
• Industry research
• Free demo/consultation

It’s best to include a strong call-to-action in company email signatures that link to specific promotions because you’ll achieve a higher click-through-rate that way. When creating email signatures that reflect your latest marketing promotions, it’s important to keep the signatures consistent.

Creating an effective email signature starts with using great email signature software. Add-On Products’ Mailbox Central email marketing software for Microsoft Outlook® and Outlook® Web Access allows you to create standardized, company-wide email signatures, so you can take advantage of email as a powerful branding tool. Centrally manage company email signatures using Mailbox Central templates that can be customized for font, logo, and content. You can edit the email signatures at any time to market your latest offers. For more information about Mailbox Central or to schedule a free trial or demo, please contact Add-On Products today.

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