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Email Signature Software: Are You Neglecting This Easy, Low-Cost Marketing Opportunity?

Email Signature Software: Are You Neglecting This Easy, Low-Cost Marketing Opportunity?

Many companies expend significant resources and effort to improve their websites but ignore one of the most important and ubiquitous online marketing tools at their disposal: email. Imagine if you could market your products, improve your company’s branding, and enhance your professional image with every email that you send. With email signature software, you can do just that! And we’re not just talking about email marketing blasts – we’re talking about the individual emails that you and your employees send each day.

Email signatures offer a major, low-cost marketing opportunity with a high Return on Investment (ROI). Email signatures convey your branding and promotional messages to customers and prospects on a daily basis. Just imagine this: if you have 200 employees and each employee sends 10 emails to people outside of the company on a daily basis, it’s like distributing 2000 business cards each day. That would amount to 500,000 business cards each year, assuming that there are 250 business days in a year.

Creating a Consistent, Recognizable Brand Identity

Brand your company with every email using email signature software

Email signatures are a key element of your overall branding and marketing efforts. Emailsignatures create a recognizable brand identity and remind people who you are. This is crucial in an age when many of us are regularly bombarded with emails and are more reluctant to answer them when the only identifiable information about a sender is the email address in the “from” field. Professional email signatures build your trust and credibility. Consistent email signatures also enable recipients to make connections between all of the emails received from different employees in your organization.

Unfortunately, most companies treat email signature branding as an afterthought. They may spend a considerable amount of time and money designing a business card and stationary, but they neglect their email signatures, which reach far more people than their print marketing collateral ever will. As a result, each employee ends up creating his or her own email signature. While everyone more or less provides the same information, such as their name, title, and a link to the company website, each signature looks different. This gives your company an unprofessional and inconsistent image. It’s akin to having each employee design his or her own business card!

Unleash the Power of Your Email Signature with Email Signature Software

Like business cards, email signatures are a reflection of your brand and serve as a networking tool. A well-designed email signature conveys professionalism. Each employee’s email signature should look the same and contain the same basic information. This can be accomplished by using email signature software, which allows you to centrally manage company-wide email signatures.

Consistency is critical to effective email branding. Email signature software allows you to create a single, unified email signature template and automatically stamp personalized email signatures on it. This eliminates inconsistencies and does away with the need for individual users to tinker with their email signatures.

Improving the Content of Your Email Signatures

Your email signature is precious real estate. Just as there are proper ways to write and format emails, there are also proper ways to conclude them. It’s best to keep email signatures brief. More likely than not, your email signature already describes who you are, where you work, and how to get in touch with you. You could make your email signature even more powerful by updating it periodically to promote new products, upcoming events, or marketing campaigns. The following are some branding and promotional elements that can be included in your email signature:

• Tagline
• Invitation to special event or conference
• Announcement of new product, service or publication
• Social media accounts
• Link to blog or recent blog post
• Special marketing offers
• Link to featured case study
• Invitation to sign up for free trial/demo

The best way to promote marketing campaigns in your email signature is to write a concise, catchy phrase that is hyperlinked to the appropriate page of your company website. Using your email signature as a promotional tool will enable you to drive more traffic to specific pages of your website and increase conversion rates. To maximize the reach and effectiveness of email signatures, everyone in your company must participate by using the same marketing messages and changing them at the same time. That’s where centrally managed email signature templates can come in handy.

Centrally Design and Maintain Email Signatures with Mailbox Central for Outlook®

Email signature software lets your market your products and events each time you send an email

Email signatures are often overlooked, but they can be an effective, low-cost addition to your ongoing marketing efforts. Mailbox Central is Add-On Products’ email signature software for Microsoft Outlook®. Mailbox Central allows you to take full advantage of email signatures as a branding and marketing tool. You can create customized templates for font, logo, and content via a user-friendly interface and centrally manage company-wide email signatures. There are templates for individuals and groups, and signatures can be changed periodically to promote your latest products and services.

One of the features that set Mailbox Central apart from similar tools is that each department of a company can use a different email signature simultaneously. This makes it easier to manage multiple promotional campaigns in the same period. For example, employees in your sales department could use an email signature that promotes a special offer, while employees in your marketing department use an email signature that promotes a new white paper. If you’d like to make the most of your email signatures and enhance your brand each time you send an email, request a free online demo or download a free trial of Mailbox Central.



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