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Efficiently Order Services and Manage Last-Minute Changes with Resource Booking Software


Want to take the pain out of ordering catering and other extra services for meetings from both internal and external service providers? A resource booking solution helps you manage everything: people, meeting rooms, desks, equipment, and services of all kinds. Resource booking software empowers you to plan and execute meetings and events seamlessly, all within one easy-to-use system. Furthermore, Resource Central integrates with Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange, so you don’t have to leave the familiarity of the Outlook interface.

Whether you need a resource booking tool for event planners and others who are experts in managing meetings and resources, or you need a tool that casual users will quickly adapt to, Resource Central can be as detailed and robust or as simple and streamlined as you need it to be. Administrators can establish booking processes that meet the needs of their organization and then configure Resource Central to fit their requirements.


Reduce Administrative Effort When Planning Meetings and Events

A lot goes into managing meetings, such as finding meeting rooms, inviting attendees, creating reservations, and ordering services like catering, A/V equipment, or table arrangements. Using Resource Central helps to reduce administrative time spent planning and booking meetings. The software allows administrators to offer specific services per room, so users can book services at the same time that they book their meeting. This saves meeting organizers time. The system also gives users a way to check the status of service orders. When users make changes to their order or cancel at the last minute, the vendor is immediately notified, which helps to prevent lost or wasted orders. Resource Central also handles invoicing.

Vendors also benefit from using a streamlined system like Resource Central. They have the ability to manage and print the orders that they receive from a vendor dashboard, so they can easily view and fulfill orders. Any time changes are made, they receive an email notification and the information on their dashboard is automatically updated. Users of the system who place orders are identifiable by cost code, so vendors can determine exactly who placed an order. Vendors have the flexibility to create their own custom menus or offerings and update pricing.

In addition, a variety of built-in, printable reports are available in Resource Central. Generating reports and filtering them by date is a quick way for vendors to get an overview of what needs to be done on any given day, so they can be sure that they are able to meet deadlines. Meeting organizers are prevented from booking catering and other services too close to the meeting start time to ensure that service providers have plenty of time to prepare. Vendors can also click an order and make changes if they aren’t able to provide a particular item. For example, if a catering company has run out of mineral water, they could go in and edit the order to include a note apologizing about the lack of mineral water and then provide an alternative.

For more information about Resource Central and its benefits for meeting organizers and vendors alike, contactAdd-On Products today  for a free online demo or free trial!

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