Digital Signage Trends 2017 – How to Boost Your Company’s Brand with Digital Signs

In business, first impressions are everything. Digital signage helps you create a unique and integrated brand experience that stands out in the memories of your target audience. Digital signage creates branding possibilities that were once impossible to imagine. It facilitates interactive, compelling brand experiences that redefine spaces and etch your brand into the memories of clients. Some industries that could benefit from the use of digital signage include the following:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Transportation
  • Finance
  • Automotive
  • Corporate communications
  • Education
  • Government



From welcoming guests at a hotel lobby to controlling corporate messaging throughout your facility from a central location, there are many ways you can use digital signage to enhance your company’s brand. Digital signage’s appeal for branding lies in its interactivity. The underlying technology is ultimately what has made digital signage so effective. We now have large screens and touchscreens with fast performance and high-resolution images that integrate with mobile and social technologies, among other technological advancements.


Traditionally, branding was always about push. Today’s market is fragmented, and people are receiving branding messages from all different directions. Therefore, brands have to deliver their messages in a more highly focused and engaging manner. That’s where digital signage can come in handy. Rather than looking at each marketing method as a separate platform, businesses ought to take a holistic approach to branding. From online media and mobile marketing, to traditional print advertising and digital signage, you can utilize multiple channels to connect with your customer and communicate effectively and consistently across all touchpoints.


The Importance of a Comprehensive, End-to-End Digital Signage Solution 

The key to the success of your brand is to have a complete digital signage solution that includes welcome signs, kiosk displays, touchscreens, and any other type of hardware you need, in addition to software the enables you to manage your digital signs from a central location. With digital signage software, you can customize your digital signs with your company’s colors and branding elements. You can also integrate your digital signs with your meeting room software, using touchscreen digital signs outside of meeting rooms to enable people to book, extend, schedule, and cancel meetings right on the spot. Wayfinding digital signage can be used to provide directions and help people get to the right place via the best route possible.


Strengthen Internal Communication

Digital signs are great for using both inside and outside of your corporate office. Not only can you reach customers directly in your place of business with digital signage, you can also inform and motivate your employees. Digital signage systems allow you to develop a communication strategy that optimizes the successful sharing of information in your business. You can display HR information, employee recognition, and sales statistics, or simply generate enthusiasm and positive energy throughout the company in a way that fits your corporate branding.  


The branding and marketing possibilities with digital signage are endless. You can create an optimized customer experience or employee experience with digital signage to boost brand awareness and sales as well as increase operational efficiency. If you’re looking for a digital signage solution for your business, look no further than Add-On Products. We offer the conference room sign solution Digital Sign Service, as well as the dynamic digital signage software Ariadne.

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