Digital Signage Layout: Spruce up the Background to Boost Your Brand

Digital Signage Layout: Spruce up the Background to Boost Your Brand

Organizations across many industries use digital signs to educate, advertise, inform, and entertain, but a digital sign is only as effective as its design and messaging. Digital signage layouts are important because they give your digital signs a balanced and professional appearance. Digital signage backgrounds make the messages more eye-catching and attractive to viewers. You can customize your digital sign backgrounds to reflect your company’s brand and unify digital signage backgrounds across your organization to create consistency. However, even the most stunning digital signage layouts can start to get boring after a while if you don’t change them up occasionally.

You want to avoid boring your target audience because that could eventually lead them to ignore your digital signs. Keep customers, employees, and other target audience members entertained and engaged by changing the background of your digital signs on a fairly regular basis. Images often speak louder than words and are more effective at grabbing people’s attention, so try to incorporate compelling imagery into your digital signage backgrounds.

When to Change Your Digital Signage Backgrounds

Digital signage backgrounds empower you to create professional-looking digital sign layouts quickly and easily. You could create multi-zone or full-screen layouts and change your digital signage backgrounds almost instantaneously for various purposes. Great opportunities to replace digital signage backgrounds include seasonal changes and important company events, such as new product releases, anniversaries, reaching sales targets, etc. You can also use dayparting to change your digital signage backgrounds throughout the course of a day.

Dayparting refers to the practice of targeting your digital signage content to unique audiences at different times of the day to appeal to their specific interests. The same thing happens on TV. For example, cartoons air in the morning to target younger audiences and soap operas air in the daytime, catering to housewives. When it comes to digital signage, dayparting allows you to segregate messages, backgrounds, and imagery based on the time of day. For example, a hotel might advertise its breakfast buffet on digital signs in the morning and promote the hotel bar’s happy hour in the afternoon. Audience demographics are generally not static, which is why dayparting is such an effective technique to improve communication and boost your brand.

Maximize Digital Signage Engagement with Add-On Products

Add-On Products offers the dynamic digital signage solution, Ariadne. Ariadne is a robust solution that informs staff and visitors of meeting schedules and displays interactive content, including videos, photos, and RSS feeds. Ariadne is incredibly user-friendly and allows you to make changes to layout, background, and design on the fly. You can customize it with your brand’s logo, font, colors, etc.

Please email us if you would like to talk with one of our experienced consultants about changing your background image. If you want to know more about Ariadne, you can sign up for a free online demo or trial of Ariadne.

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