Digital Signage: How to Increase Brand Awareness and Improve Marketing

Digital Signage: How to Increase Brand Awareness and Improve Marketing

To successfully get marketing messages across in an active and fast-paced corporate environment, you need to be direct and timely. Corporate digital signage delivers targeted content through room signs and stationary screens in reception areas and other parts of a building. This reinforces brand messages and fully optimizes communication with employees, clients, and visitors. Dynamic digital signs captivate your audience with real-time information and invite them to explore and discover with engaging content and calls-to-action.

Types of content that you can display include the following:

  • Wayfinding
  • Event and meeting schedules
  • Industry news and RSS feeds
  • Live information, such as stock prices, traffic, and weather
  • Training information
  • Special offers
  • Alerts
  • Event promotion
  • Product announcements
  • Internal communications
  • Personalized visitor greetings
  • Advertisements of your products and services or those of a third party


Digital signage solutions have matured significantly over the last few years. Now that many technical hurdles related to the implementation of digital signage have been resolved, digital signage operators can focus more on content and user experience. Corporations can use digital signage to maximize branding, values, company culture, and reach. Dynamic digital content is superior to print marketing because it engages customers both visibly and audibly with multimedia content, such as flash, RSS feeds, videos, and images. Furthermore, it is faster and less expensive to create and distribute content via digital signage.

Strategically placed digital signs deliver messages on time and target. Because you know when and where content will be delivered, you have the ability to create content that speaks directly to your target audience. You can keep large groups of people informed and start promoting your brand to customers as soon as they walk through the door. Entertaining customers and visitors in lobbies can enhance their experience and minimize wait time. Other areas of your building where you can place digital signage include offices, employee break rooms, high-traffic areas, and conference room entrances. Content can be customized for each device separately.

Create a Memorable Brand Experience

A brand is more than a logo or a single design element – a brand represents a company’s values, philosophy, and personality. You can convey your brand through distinctive digital signage content, but you must create a unified look and feel across your digital signs to build credibility. Delivering content that truly resonates with your target audience creates an engaging brand experience rather than just catching the attention of passerby for a few seconds. Branding transforms your digital signage network into a destination that customers come to trust and rely on, which leads to an increase in viewership and growing interest from advertisers.


Adopt the digital sign to your brand and target group

The key to successfully branding a digital signage network lies in picking uniform messaging and design choices. The look and feel of a digital signage network is based on the consistent use of animation, color schemes, graphics, and other elements. The visual style of your digital signage content will create a sense of identity and give your brand a distinct voice. Branding tells viewers what kind of content they can expect.

No matter where digital signage is located, it’s important to avoid scheduling irrelevant content just to ensure that there’s something on the screen. Generic content may give digital signs an active appearance but it could have a negative impact on your audience. Content should complement the venue where a digital sign is located and be in line with the target audience’s wants and needs. Wise content choices are based on an audience’s specific interests, gender, income, age, etc. It’s important to determine as many details about the target audience as possible to make the best content choices.

Display Advertising

Make the most of your digital signage by using it to market your products and services. If you manage a hotel or conference center, for example, you can use digital signage to promote your dining, shopping, or recreation facilities.

A clear-cut way to achieve a strong Return on Investment (ROI) from digital signage is through the display of third-party advertising. You can sell advertising space to third-party vendors so that they can market their products and services to your audience.

Schedule Content to Tailor Your Messages to Different Groups

The impact of digital signage content can vary significantly depending on the time of day. For example, the content you share with morning visitors won’t necessarily appeal to evening visitors. A simple solution to this problem is day parting, which involves changing the loop of content in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Day parting allows you to display unique content based on the time of day. You can also change the content on certain days of the week, on holidays, or when specific events come up. When there is a window of opportunity, you could even interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with a short commercial break.

Regular customers and employees will get bored if you play the same content over and over again on your digital signs. Day parting creates diverse programming that effectively reaches different types of customers. Making continuous changes to the content displayed and shuffling its order can also prevent staff and customers from tuning out of your messages. Day parting keeps people’s attention by creating variety and interest.

Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time with Ariadne

Ariadne is a powerful digital signage solution from Add-On Products that is used to effectively manage indoor environments. Ariadne makes your employees and customers feel welcome, informed, and entertained. Ariadne’s contemporary look and exciting features, such as streaming video, make a dynamic statement about your organization.

Ariadne adds a lively, modern touch to your company’s building with a stylish network of dynamic signs. Users simply enter or change information from a central computer and signs throughout the building are updated automatically. You can customize graphics to convey your company’s brand, tailor content based on the time of day, and target your audience’s interests at the click of a mouse. The opportunities are endless. Booked meetings are displayed on the screens automatically as Ariadne integrates with Microsoft Outlook® and other booking systems, such as Lotus Notes and Micros Opera. Ariadne can be purchased as an onsite or hosted solution.

Please contact us for free trial or request a free online demo of Ariadne today to try it for yourself.

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