Digital Sign iPad: The Advantages of Using iPads as Digital Meeting Room Signs

Digital Sign iPad: The Advantages of Using iPads as Digital Meeting Room Signs

Tablets, such as Apple iPads, have been gaining ground as digital signs. Digital sign iPads are a cost-effective alternative to commercial-grade displays, which are typically two to three times the cost of similarly sized consumer displays. While it’s true that commercial-grade displays are more robust and resistant to heat, cold, dust, etc., iPads still make great digital signs, especially in small spaces. iPads aren’t available in commercial versions, but you can use third-party mounts and enclosures to prevent damage and theft.

iPads are a popular digital signage solution because they are attractive, sleek, and user-friendly. Currently, iPads come in two sizes: the regular 9.7-inch display and the newer iPad mini.

The primary advantage of a digital sign iPad is that it’s far less expensive to buy and install than a commercial-grade display. An iPad costs about $500, while a comparable commercial-grade display would be around $3,000. iPads are also easier to carry around and have built-in WiFi, which may do away with the need for installing network cabling.

Digital Sign iPads as Meeting Room Signs

A digital sign iPad enables touch screens options including booking, extending and ending meetings directly on the meeting room sign.

Give your meeting rooms a polished, professional look by using a digital sign iPad as a meeting room sign. An iPad meeting room sign can be used to display schedules of upcoming meetings and events. You can install the iPad right outside of a meeting room, so people will know the meeting schedule for that particular room.

Passerby will be able to determine if a meeting room is occupied and for how long. They can also use the touch screen to book meetings, so there’s no need to walk back to a desk and use a computer. If people hold a meeting and it ends early, they can use the iPad meeting room sign to cancel the meeting and free up the room for others to use. If their meeting runs longer than expected, they can use the iPad to extend the meeting.

If you use Microsoft Outlook® to book meetings, you can integrate your digital sign iPads with meeting room booking software for Outlook® so that when a meeting is booked on an iPad, it is automatically displayed in Outlook®. Any changes to meeting schedules that are made in Outlook® are also displayed on iPad meeting room signs throughout the building in real-time, so you can rest assured that information displayed on your digital signage is up-to-date. An iPad that integrates with Outlook® will provide you with a quick and clear overview of the day’s meetings and events. iPad meeting room signs that are displayed directly in front of meeting rooms show staff and visitors exactly where events and meetings are taking place.

Use Apple iPads as Digital Meeting Room Signs with Digital Sign Service

iPads are a low-cost digital signage solution that keeps employees, visitors, and conference-goers informed of current and future meetings and events. Add-On Products offers digital signage software called Digital Sign Service, which supports iPads and other tablets. Digital Sign Service is an out-of-the-box solution that is easy to install. It displays current and future meetings and can be used to book, cancel, prolong, or shorten meetings. Digital Sign Service enables staff and visitors to easily determine if they’ve found the correct meeting room. Using digital meeting room signs to help guide visitors frees up your staff to focus on other tasks while enhancing your company’s image. To learn more about the benefits of using Digital Sign Service with your digital sign iPads, please send us an email for a free trial or free online demo. You can also download Digital Sign for iPad on iTunes.

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