Digital Conference Room Signage: Tips for Layout Design

Digital Conference Room Signage: Tips for Layout Design

Digital signs are electronic screens that display menus, advertising, and other messages. You can display everything from sales promotions to meeting schedules on your conference room signage. The primary advantage digital signs have over static signs is that the content is dynamic and instantly customizable. You can tailor the content on your digital signs to reflect your brand or craft messages that cater to different audiences.

Creating content for your digital signs allows you to experiment with different colors, contrasts, text, and arrangements. However, form should always follow function when you create content for your digital signs. The information you’re trying to communicate ought to be the focus of your digital signs. Your message could get lost if it’s difficult to separate different elements of your digital sign’s layout.

Digital Signage Content Layout Tips

Changing the layout of your digital signs allows you to take full advantage of the marketing and communications opportunities that digital signs offer. You could also change the background of your digital signs to commemorate special occasions, such as Christmas or your company’s anniversary. When designing the layout of your digital signs, it’s important to take the following factors into account:

• People can only focus on one thing at a time
• Motion attracts attention
• The smaller things are on the screen, the shorter the viewing distance must be

It is challenging to capture people’s full attention with digital signs because of the distractions around them. Ideally, the messages you display will be short and sweet, and zones will be kept at a minimum. When you split a screen into multiple zones, they compete for attention and the effectiveness of each zone is minimized, which is why it’s important to be cautious about how many zones you use. Any message you want to display on your digital signs should be bold and easy to read. Keep movement in multiple zones at a minimum to prevent sensory overload.

Catering to Different Types of Viewers

When you’re trying to appeal to passerby with digital signage, such as in hallways and other areas where people walk by without stopping, it’s best to use a one-zone layout with short graphic messages. Avoid dynamic content because it can be too difficult for passerby to digest.

For people who stop and wait for relatively short periods of time, such as in a checkout line, a two-zone layout with short Flash videos and brief graphic messages is appropriate. Digital signs are an effective advertising medium. For example, hotels can put digital signs in their elevators to advertise their restaurant’s daily menu, a happy hour promotion at the hotel bar, or spa services. For viewers in cafeterias, conference rooms, lounges, reception areas, and any other place where people sit for extended periods of time, there are virtually no restrictions regarding layout complexity. You could even display news and other live content that require people’s undivided attention.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for digital signage. Experimenting with different layouts is crucial to determining what engages your target audience and effectively delivers your messages. Just avoid overwhelming viewers with too much eye candy, especially as visual “noise” becomes more prevalent with the growth of digital signage.

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