Customer Service Tips: Do You Say “Hello” to Your Visitors?

Customer Service Tips: Do You Say “Hello” to Your Visitors?

You only have a few seconds to capture a customer’s attention. Why not say “hello” to your visitors, make them feel welcome, and keep them informed with digital signage? Whether at a hotel, bank, retail store, healthcare facility, or any other type of company, digital signs greet customers with personalized messages and create a powerful first impression. Digital signage allows you to connect with visitors wherever they go and improve customer service.

Digital signs are designed to replace traditional, static signs, such as billboards, bulletin boards, and printed materials. They can be used to display dynamic, eye-catching content that engages passerby in an interactive, memorable way. You can also align the look and feel of your digital signs with your company’s brand identity in order to strengthen corporate branding.

Make Visitors Feel at Home

Greet visitors in your office, lobby, waiting room, or building personally with digital signs that display their names and company logos. Digital signs welcome visitors in a modern, professional way. Just imagine how impressed a visitor or customer would be if he walked through the door and saw a digital sign that said, “Welcome to our office, Mr. Smith”, with instructions telling him how to get exactly where he needed to go in the building. Digital signs allow you to give your customers a personal greeting, even if nobody is able to be there in person.

Keep Visitors Informed

Place digital signs anywhere people go to keep them informed. For example, in a conference center, you could use digital signs to provide visitors with an up-to-date overview of the day’s schedule, including events, meetings, and activities.

Digital signage can provide guests with the latest news about your company as well as fresh, relevant content that aligns with their needs and interests. For instance, you could display general information about your facility while running a world news channel in another window on the screen.

Help Visitors Find Their Way Around

Say “Hello” to your visitors with digital signage.

Guiding people to their final destination is no easy task in a large facility. Interactive digital signage has eliminated the need for printed maps and directions by giving visitors access to robust wayfinding systems that help them get to the right place on the most direct route possible. Wayfinding systems feature directional arrows and other icons that enable guests to determine where they need to go at a glance.

Thanks to wayfinding systems, receptionists don’t have to spend as much time assisting visitors and providing them with directions, which eases their workload and frees up their time for other customer service tasks. Wayfinding digital signage makes visitors feel more comfortable and confident in a new or unfamiliar setting by guiding them quickly and clearly to their desired destination. Owing to their digital format, wayfinding systems can be updated to reflect last-minute room changes and other information in real-time.

Liven Up Your Reception Area

Displaying welcome messages, notices, and bulletins in your lobby or foyer is a great way to draw people’s attention and create a strong first impression. Digital signage can also be used to entertain visitors in your lobby and reduce perceived wait times. Reception areas where you can display digital signs include the following:

• Company office reception area
• Hotel lobby
• Theatre foyer
• Hospital waiting room
• Conference center lobby
• College reception area
• Library reception area
• Main entrance of town hall

Digital signage is capable of providing a lot more information than static displays. TV broadcasts featuring the latest news, sports, or weather liven up reception areas. In addition, you could use digital signage to promote your own products and services or display useful, up-to-date information that is relevant to visitors, such as RSS feeds, flight departure times, stock prices, or touristic information.

Tailor the content you deliver via digital signage to customer demographics. Digital signage software allows you to make personalized offers based on customer preferences, location, and even the time of day. You have the ability to adapt and respond to changing user needs at the click of a mouse, driving sales with more timely messages and promotions.

Give Visitors a Warm Welcome and Enhance Customer Service with Ariadne

Ramp up customer service and make your building easier for visitors to navigate with Ariadne, which is available as either an onsite or hosted solution. Ariadne is a powerful digital signage product that is compatible with many different types of hardware. Ariadne keeps visitors entertained and informed while helping them find their way around. Contact Add-On Products today to receive a personalized quote.

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