Create Digital Signage Content Easily and Cost-Effectively with PowerPoint<sup><sup>®</sup></sup>

Create Digital Signage Content Easily and Cost-Effectively with PowerPoint®

Digital signage is a form of electronic display that is used to show information for advertising, educational, informational, and entertainment purposes. Digital signage is a powerful tool that can supplement your organization’s communications. Unlike static signage and print marketing materials, which are limited in their ability to attract attention and reach people, digital signs offer a dynamic, engaging presentation. Digital signage allows you to deliver compelling content at the right time and place to maximize impact.

The success of any digital signage system boils down to its content. Digital signage content must be fresh, engaging, and professional. Anyone planning to implement digital signage software should have a clear content strategy and sufficient resources in place to create and manage the content. Digital signage content improves both internal and external communication. It can be used to keep your staff informed throughout the day and to entertain, inform, and guide visitors. Digital signage displays can be customized to convey your company’s brand image.

One relatively easy and low-cost way to create digital signage content is by using Microsoft PowerPoint®. PowerPoint® allows you to create content and templates for use with digital signage software. Not only can you reuse PowerPoint presentations you created in the past, staff with little design expertise or technical knowledge can create professional digital signage content quickly and inexpensively with PowerPoint®. Unlike other digital signage technology, such as Flash, PowerPoint® is a lot easier to work with.

Key Benefits of PowerPoint® for Digital Signage

Digital signage with PowerPoint® is a great fit for small and mid-sized businesses, schools, franchises, and other organizations that need to build attractive content with minimal effort and expense. The following are key benefits of using PowerPoint® to create digital signage displays:

• Cost-effective
• Easy to use
• Use existing office software to create digital signage content
• Display presentations you’ve already created in PowerPoint®
• Eliminate the need for outsourcing content creation
• Small organizations with limited budgets can enjoy the benefits of digital signage

The basics you need to get started are PowerPoint®, hardware, and digital signage software. Digital signage with a single-zone display of looped PowerPoint® content is ideal for small-office reception areas, employee break rooms, lobbies, doctors’ offices, and small retail stores.

How to Create Content for Digital Signage with PowerPoint®

PowerPoint presentations on your digital signage is a cost-effective solution to for instance marketing your products.

The content displayed on digital signage with PowerPoint® is relatively uncomplicated. If you want to create a multi-zone presentation and display TV programming, live statistics, and other up-to-the-minute information, you will need a robust digital signage solution that displays many different types of content. While there are apps available that allow you to display real-time data via PowerPoint®, performance will likely suffer.

That said, it’s still possible to produce dynamic PowerPoint® content for your digital signage. PowerPoint® offers a wide selection of transition effects and functions that bring digital signs to life. You could also integrate video and narration to create more interactive presentations. PowerPoint® provides a range of flexible tools that enable you to convey your message in a memorable way.

Improve Communication and Build Your Brand with Digital Signage

While you can use PowerPoint® on its own if your requirements are simple, it’s usually best to integrate it with digital signage software that allows you to schedule your slides and presentations as well as display a wide variety of content. Ariadne is a powerful digital signage solution from Add-On Products that integrates with PowerPoint® as well as Resource Central, our meeting room booking solution for Microsoft Outlook®.

Ariadne streamlines digital signage management, so you can create, edit, and schedule digital signage content with ease. In addition to displaying PowerPoint® presentations, Ariadne is also capable of displaying welcome messages for visitors, event and meeting schedules, Wayfinding to help visitors get around, and an array of dynamic content that includes images, videos, and RSS feeds. Sign up for a free online demo to learn more about Ariadne.

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