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Collaborate with Anyone, Anywhere with Skype for Business: A Popular Tool for Work Communication

Collaborate with Anyone, Anywhere with Skype for Business: A Popular Tool for Work Communication

In any remote team, having access to collaboration tools that allow you to work online and communicate with employees and clients is crucial. Collaboration tools enable you to operate effectively in a distributed setting. They bring people together far better than phone calls. There are so many tools out there to choose from, that it can be hard to choose one. 

Skype is one of the most well established business communication tools. It was one of the first free online communication tools available and continues to deliver reliable service. Microsoft purchased Skype in 2011. Because Skype wasn’t optimized for business use and was geared more toward individuals, Microsoft combined the enterprise features of Lync with the Skype user experience to offer a more business-specific tool. Microsoft rebranded its enterprise business communication tool, Lync, as Skype for Business in April of 2015. 

Skype for Business is an all-in-one app that can be used for messaging, screen sharing, file sharing, and meetings. You can have person-to-person calls and conference calls on Skype for Business, which is a separate application from the regular Skype. Skype for Business users are able to call regular Skype users with the application. Skype for Business users can also see the status of their contacts and schedule meetings in Microsoft Outlook®. Users can set up meetings with up to 250 people, even if they’re not Skype for Business users. All you need to join a meeting is a phone or Internet connection. 

When you use Skype for Business, customers who also use Skype can call you from wherever they are. They don’t have to log into a separate service or call a phone number to connect with you. 


Work Smarter by Integrating Skype for Business with Resource Central  

Add-On Products’ Resource Central is meeting and resource booking software for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange. Resource Central fully supports native Skype for Business videoconferencing and screen sharing features. You can easily collaborate with your colleagues by combining Resource Central and Skype for Business. 

Skype for Business is an incredibly powerful communication tool. Combined with Resource Central, it can meet virtually all of your remote communication needs. You can use both Skype for Business and Resource Central to handle day-to-day communications with employees and partners, as well as videoconferences and conference calls. Sign up for a free trial of Resource Central today to try it for yourself! 

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