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Tools That No Call Center/Reception Should Go Without - Add-On Products Blog

Tools That No Call Center/Reception Should Go Without - Add-On Products Blog

Many companies struggle to handle incoming calls effectively and could use help in improving their customer service. There are several tools available, including group calendars and resource scheduling software, that can help improve communication, efficiency, and service in your company’s call center.

Your call center/reception sets the tone for your company and creates expectations about the level of service you offer, so it’s crucial that your staff project as positive an image as possible when answering calls. Taking care of callers and making them feel well informed and appreciated is important, but receptionists can only do that when they have access to the right tools.


Lower Wait Times with Easily Accessible Team Calendars and Scheduling Tools

Without a centralized place to view team members’ schedules that is easy to navigate, it can be challenging to handle incoming calls and quickly provide callers with the information they need. For example, if someone calls requesting to speak with a staff member, a receptionist could quickly find that staff member’s whereabouts with team calendar software at his or her fingertips. Group calendar software provides users with an overview of staff schedules and is easily searchable. This makes it a lot more efficient than fumbling through a spreadsheet or with 16 open Outlook calendars with possibly outdated schedules.

If a staff member is not available, the receptionist can let the caller know that he or she is in a meeting or is otherwise occupied till a certain time. Alternatively, the receptionist could inform the caller that the staff member is not in the office can be reached via email or telephone. The receptionist can quickly locate the staff member’s contact information using the calendar software and provide it to the caller. All a receptionist needs to do in order to view a staff member’s calendar and contact information is to search for his name.

Receptionists and call center staff can quickly book appointments and tasks for staff members over the phone because their schedules are easily accessible and the meeting booking functionality integrates with Outlook®. They can book a meeting for a staff member with the click of a mouse, also inviting other attendees and booking extra services, such as technical equipment or catering.


Improve Your Relationships with Customers

Team calendar tools like WebTeam Central and Exchange Central for Microsoft Outlook® improve customer relationships because they allow receptionists to provide quick service and keep customers in the know. They eliminate the need for back and forth emails and phone calls because they give receptionists easy access to staff schedules and receptionists can simply click to call or email a person. All changes are instant and automatically updated in real-time, so everyone on a team sees the same information and remains up-to-date with their schedules. With WebTeam Central web-based team calendar software, employees can even view their team calendars when they are on the road.


Sign Up for a Free Online Demo of Add-On Products’ Software

Group calendar software and resource booking software help company call centers handle incoming calls more efficiently, properly manage tasks and appointments, and improve customer service. This software ensures that callers receive the information they need in a timely fashion and that any appointments made or meetings scheduled are properly recorded and not forgotten.

When you manage your front desk and resources more efficiently while providing improved customer service, you’ll see a positive impact on your bottom line. For more information about Add-On Products’ easy-to-use team calendaring and meeting booking software for call centers and receptionists, please request a free demo of any one of our products.

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