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Buying New Software? Keep Technical Difficulties at Bay with a Software Maintenance Program.

Buying New Software? Keep Technical Difficulties at Bay with a Software Maintenance Program.

Evaluating and purchasing software is not a decision to take lightly. One of the many important factors to consider when selecting software is technical support. Knowing that someone is available to answer your questions, help you resolve issues, and fix bugs is reassuring and can make or break your decision to purchase a software program. According to Capterra’s B2B software report, tech support availability was the third most important factor in software selection among survey respondents.


When shopping around for software, you’ll find that some vendors promise you the moon in order to make the sale. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous vendors that won’t be around once you face difficulties with their software and need assistance. That’s why it’s crucial to work with a software vendor that prioritizes technical support and offers friendly assistance to users facing technical problems. Tech support personnel are highly familiar with the software and the infrastructure surrounding it, so they are well equipped to troubleshoot most problems that users experience. Furthermore, they’re knowledgeable about the impact that updates and upgrades to the software could have in your particular environment. Flaws unrelated to the software itself can have negative effects, which is why it’s crucial to develop long-term relationships/partnerships with vendors who can ensure the successful implementation and use of their software in your environment.


Determine a Vendor’s Reputation in Tech Support and Product Development

Many vendors fall short in the area of technical support, due to having limited support infrastructure or employing help desk personnel who lack technical expertise. When evaluating various vendors, be sure to inquire about the quality and responsiveness of their tech support team. Factors to consider include the following:

• Methods of support used (e.g., phone, email, live chat)
• Tracking system to keep track of open issues
• Expected support turnaround times
• Support availability and accessibility
• Technical expertise of support personnel
• Guaranteed response time to support requests

In addition to support, consider how a vendor measures up in terms of product development. Does the vendor have a proven track record in innovative product development? Do they continue to improve their products with innovative features? Are their software updates minor or substantial? Will the software be able to keep up with your evolving requirements and meet your future needs?

Having access to good technical support is like having a safety net that can help you bounce back from unforeseen problems. A maintenance program also frees up your IT staff to focus on critical tasks in your business and eases the transition to new software. Furthermore, a maintenance program can boost productivity levels and enhance security by giving you access to the latest upgrades and bug fixes.


Keep Your Products Up-to-Date

Keep technical difficulties at bay with a Software Maintenance Program from Add-On Products.

At Add-On Products, we are constantly improving our products to keep up with technological advancements and to meet our customers’ changing needs. We offer a comprehensive maintenance program called MP Standard (MPS) with every product license. MP Standard includes new product versions and bug fix releases for one year. This allows your organization to receive all of the latest features, continuously enhancing your software experience and enabling your organization to remain up-to-date.

We also offer an enhanced maintenance program called MP Gold (MPG), which includes both product upgrades and updates. It also gives customers free, unlimited access to our hotline via phone or email with a response time of a maximum of 8 working hours in 95% of all incidents. Support requests from MP Gold members are prioritized. We also offer a loyalty package, which places an even higher priority on member support requests and includes free product upgrades and updates for anywhere from three to five years. Contact ustoday for more information about our software and support services.


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