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Business Case: Implementation of Meeting Room Scheduling Software

Business Case: Implementation of Meeting Room Scheduling Software

As described in a previous blog post, we recently successfully implemented Resource Central at a large global enterprise with more than 100,000 end-users.

In a new business case, you get the details such as why the global enterprise chose to implement the meeting room scheduling software on a global scale and what efforts led up to the actual implementation.

Business Case Summary

Read the new business case on the successful implementation of Resource Central

Resource Central was initially implemented at our customer’s headquarter. The organization ultimately decided to take the meeting room scheduling software to a global scale by implementing it to its more than 90 locations in approximately 30 countries. The goal was to for instance reduce travelling expenses thanks to Resource Central’s ability to book meeting rooms with video conferencing.

The implementation of the conference room scheduling software was described as a success based on different criteria such as:

  • Fast user adoption
  • Successful deployment across all locations
  • Very low incident rate

The customer pinpointed a number of key success factors influencing the successful outcome such as thorough planning and close partnership with Add-On Products.

Read more in the case study.

Resource Central – Meeting Room Scheduling Software

Resource Central is an add-on for Microsoft Exchange & Outlook® enabling scheduling of meetings in 2 minutes – including ordering additional services such as catering. You can also use it for meeting room management, book meetings anytime and anywhere on a booking web app, and easily integrate it to both your ERP systems and digital signage solutions. Resource Central also supports Microsoft 365 / Exchange Online.

If you want more information on Resource Central, you can book an online demo or get a free trial version of the product by sending an email to [email protected].

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