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Building a Modern & Responsive Workplace with Collaborative Technology


Business needs continue to evolve, with the increased adoption of telecommuting, growth of distributed teams, and desire for sustainability, among other factors. More companies are developing flexible and remote work policies, allowing employees to perform their jobs from anywhere. In order for flexible working arrangements to succeed, however, it’s crucial that companies rethink their communication and collaboration practices. Forcing remote workers to adapt to processes that were designed for in-office work can hamper productivity and hurt morale.

It is essential to set up the required technological infrastructure for everyone on your team, both remote and in-office. This might include video conferencing software and resource scheduling tools that can be accessed remotely. Providing modern tools and flexibility to employees helps to increase productivity and job satisfaction. When employees are enabled to do their best work, they feel more motivated and engaged. Using Microsoft’s Surface Hub and other Skype for Business-integrated hardware, along with a resource booking tool that integrates with Microsoft Outlook, can revolutionize the way that people work together in your organization.


Surface Hub: A Platform Designed for Teamwork & Collaboration

Surface Hub is a device that looks like a large TV with a touchscreen. However, Surface Hub does a lot more than a television or computer; it can be described as more of a team computer than a personal computer. Surface Hub runs the Windows operating system, Microsoft 365, Skype for Business, and other applications.

Designed to be placed in conference rooms and other communal areas, Surface Hub allows users to hop on and off to participate in video calls, perform demonstrations, and run whiteboard meetings. With Surface Hub, distributed teams can share stories and ideas in a casual yet interactive manner. Surface Hub is just as accessible and approachable as a whiteboard and is designed for collaboration. It enables remote and in-office teams to come together, brainstorm, and create effectively.

Everything you need to collaborate is included in Surface Hub. You can connect multiple devices wirelessly to Surface Hub, write your ideas directly on the whiteboard, and pull in content and multimedia from other applications. With just a single tap, users can join a Skype for Business meeting to connect with their colleagues. Sharing meeting notes and content and communicating action items after a meeting is quick and simple. Using Surface Hub can save your organization 15-23 minutes per meeting and achieve 138% ROI.


Combining Surface Hub with Resource Central 

Resource Central by Add-On Products is a meeting and resource booking add-on for Microsoft Outlook. Resource Central allows users to quickly find meeting rooms, invite attendees, and book meetings and extra services, including catering, audiovisual equipment, and parking spaces. Resource Central is an extension of Outlook, so it has a familiar interface and updates the whole team’s Outlook calendars in real-time.  

Touchscreen meeting room signs can be placed outside of conference rooms so that users can check the status of a room, book the room, or end their meeting early. Changes and cancelations are automatic, and service providers are notified if their orders are canceled or modified.


How Wessex Water is Using Surface Hub and Resource Central to Minimize Business Travel

Wessex Water, a water supply and sewage utility in England, sought to minimize travel, reduce its ecological footprint, increase productivity, and enhance collaboration. To achieve its objectives, the organization has implemented Surface Hubs in 10 regional meeting rooms. This has resulted in reduced travel among employees, who can go to their regional offices to attend most meetings rather than drive all the way to the operations center.

To prevent booking errors, optimize space utilization, and prevent meeting rooms from going empty, Wessex Water has implemented Resource Central. The organization has integrated Resource Central with touchscreens outside of key meeting rooms so that users can determine whether a meeting room is free and book meetings on the spot. Wessex Water is also using Resource Central to book visitor parking spaces.  

To learn more about Wessex Water’s implementation of Surface Hub and Resource Central, read the case study. For more information about Resource Central for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365, sign up for a free trial or free online demo!

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