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Booking a Resource From a Mobile Device with a Resource Booking Web App

Booking a Resource From a Mobile Device with a Resource Booking Web App

Meeting and resource booking has never been easier. Resource booking software that integrates with Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange allows you to schedule people, equipment, services, and other resources in the familiar Outlook® environment from a desktop computer. As an increasing number of employees complete work tasks away from their desks while on the go, however, more and more organizations are seeking mobile applications that facilitate resource booking.

Mobile technology isn’t a fad or trend – it’s here to stay. In fact, the latest data from KPCB mobile technology trends shows that mobile media time is now greater than desktop and other media. It has become essential for organizations to cater to mobile users, particularly as the virtual workforce grows. 15% of the EU workforce can be described as mobile workers, according to the human resources consulting group Manpower. In a survey of 178 businesses in the United States, the Yankee Group found that 79% had mobile workers.


Increase Worker Productivity with a Resource Booking App

Work is no longer happening only in cubicles, and employees don’t have to wait till they get back to the office to complete work tasks. Many of today’s workers work while on the road or at home and mobile apps increase their productivity by allowing them to get work done without being tied to their desks. The 9-to-5 era is ending because it has become possible for people to complete work on their laptops and mobile devices, no matter where they are located or what time it is.

Resource booking apps allow users to book meeting rooms and resources via their smartphones, tablets, and other devices, transforming the way organizations schedule resources. Add-On Products offers the Resource Booking Web App. It is a feature of Resource Central, which is a complete meeting and resource booking solution that integrates with Microsoft Outlook®. Tasks that you can carry out with Add-On Products’ Resource Booking Web App include the following:

  • Search for available meeting rooms
  • View meeting room information
  • Book meetings directly in Exchange and display them in Outlook®
  • Determine attendee availability and invite attendees
  • Schedule meetings and attach files to invites
  • Book recurring meetings
  • Customize your calendar view to display day, week, or month

The Resource Booking Web App is browser and device-independent, which means it can be used with a broad range of devices. The process of booking a meeting on the mobile app is simple. All you have to do is enter the meeting details, choose a day and time, invite attendees, select a meeting room, and then you’re finished. You can search for attendees and get a quick overview of their availability with color-coding.

If you find that attendees aren’t available on the date you selected, you can go back and change the date. Alternatively, you could check attendees’ availability first and then select a meeting date/time. The app is flexible and can cater to your unique requirements. Additionally, you can find meeting rooms by searching for them based on location or category, or by selecting a meeting room from a list of favorites and commonly used meeting rooms. You can also view information about each meeting room, such as an image of the room and its capacity, before you complete your booking. Once you’re back at the office, you can use the standard functionality in Resource Central to book extra services, such as catering.

Not only does the app make it possible to book meetings and resources anytime, anywhere, it also provides you with a user-friendly overview of your own calendar and schedule. You can choose between weekly, monthly, and daily timeline views, based on your needs.


Learn More About Add-On Products’ Resource Booking Web App

Add-On Products specializes in the development of add-on functionality for Microsoft Outlook®. Over 400,000 clients around the world rely on our solutions to serve their staff and customers. Using Add-On Products’ Resource Central and the Resource Booking Web App can save your company time, maximize resource utilization, and boost productivity, ultimately resulting in cost savings. For more information about how the Resource Booking Web App can help you mobilize your workforce with its on-the-go resource booking capabilities, please contact Add-On Products to schedule a free trial or free online demo.

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